Monday, February 28, 2011

A Drawing Becomes a Pillow : :

I've mentioned here often how much I love to take my children's drawings and turn them into playthings for them and how much inspiration they give me for the handmade items I make for sale. I have learned that these sorts of gifts really do become treasured items for my children and those receiving them. Well, this weekend we had a very special guest with us who just had a big birthday on Thursday. So, a little celebrating and gifting was in order. Leah has been mentioned here before as a regular fixture around our table and I shared a little about our story here, as well.
all together
She also happens to be one of the most artistically gifted people I know, as well as incredibility smart! For the last few years I have given her something handmade for her birthday, and since I know how much she loves reading -- Warrior books in particular, we all decided a pillow of her favorite character, drawn by her of course, would be perfect!
Once finished, Haila could not wait to give it to her...
Leah was thrilled with the pillow, especially with the green -- it's her favorite color after all, notice those nails! And, everyone else was....well, just completely thrilled with Leah!
good times
Yes, it certainly was a great weekend! Happy Birthday Leah -- we love you!


  1. What a lovely post! I jumped back and read about the sad loss of your friend and Leah's Mum ,and I think it's wonderful that you are so involved in that poor girl's life.

  2. How lovely!!
    What a special gift....I'm sure she will treasure it.

  3. That is too cute! How thoughtful and creative of you guys!

  4. What a cute pillow, and a fabulous gift! Leah's a lucky girl!

  5. That is one special pillow that she is going to treasure for a long long time :D :D Very lovely thoughts of the lovely gift!!

  6. How special! What a wonderful idea for a gift!

  7. How lovely, I'm sure she'll treasure that cushion - I just read your daffodils post. What a beautiful friendship you had with Leah's mum. I'm sure she would be so thankful that Leah has you in her life.


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