Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vintage.Sewing.Notions.Love : :

Just as soon as I fell in love with knitting, and more recently sewing, I began to keep an eye out for old knitting and sewing baskets and boxes while we are roaming around town and elsewhere. Each time I come across a new one and search through all the goodness, it feels like I am learning a bit about whomever owned it before me.
I'm always fascinated by the glimpse of someone's life that one can get from their sewing basket. How, years ago, nothing went to waste --- buttons from an old coat were carefully put away, tiny, pearly buttons from a baby's outfit were strung together for future use, embroidery floss, sewing scissors, and other sewing tools were treated with care and saved in these sewing baskets.
 Last weekend I picked up another one packed full and look what I got! New needles. New, sharp pins. Crochet hooks. Transfer pencils. Buttons galore. All other sorts of things that I have no ideas about or what their uses might be??? : )
And lots of my favorite --- Colorful threads on those wonderful wooden spools. There is something about those old labels on the ends of the
I love finding new ways to appreciate some of these sewing related items by getting them out of the box, so to speak?  Of course, we can use the scissors, pins, and seam rippers, but other things might not be so useful.  I've learned from trial and error that it's not good to use the older spools of thread, especially with the sewing machine. The old threads weaken with age, making them prone to breakage.  But those colorful spools.....they can still be appreciated --- on a wooden spool rack, as bowl fillers, or in an old glass jar.
And I just love the history and connections behind all of it!


  1. Lovely post! It is fascinating to wonder about the soul that owned all that wondrous stuff before you.

  2. This is a wonderful post as usual and so true. Sometimes when I look at old buttons, with the old thread still attached, I try to imagine what it belonged on and whom to.

    Also, I can't wait to see that chair! Good luck!


  3. What a wonderful treasure you found...I'm so jealous!!!!!

  4. Oh, I'm envious! What a cool find!

  5. what amazing finds! I just love old sewing notions and remember always sifting through my grandma's old button tin. Those wooden spools are great and would even look awesome displayed with their labels facing out in a shadow box :)

  6. Lovely sentiment. It's as though the sewing box is a landscape of the owners life

  7. Hello!
    I am sooo glad you stopped by...and I love your blog! I am still going through all your neat talk about inspiration!
    You are entered - so - G.E.T. E.C.I.T.E.D.!!
    Come back and visit again soon. I see that we have a lot in common.

  8. Oh, how fun! I remember being obsessed with my mother's sewing box when I was little, all of the bright colors and textures! I also loved her little tomato pincushion! So happy you stopped by, definitely following! Lovely stuff here, Maureen!

  9. I love what you've got there, it's like a jewelery box .
    You have a very inspiring Blog !

  10. What a find ! It is interesting to take a peek into someones life - I love the old labels too !!!

  11. That is super cute!! I wish I had that talent to make a super fun chair into an even cooler looking chair!

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