Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fabric Stashin'

I have been busy getting more and more ready for all the sewing projects and MCH items I hope to make this fall and winter, yes yes. For weeks I have been foraging for even more fabric to add to the ever growing towers in our craft/toy room.
Many nights, when the kids are asleep and my hubby is at work, I can't think of anything I find more relaxing than puttering from online fabric shop to shop, searching for more 1/2-yard cuts and fat quarters to add to my collection. I actually "need" to stop looking for fabrics and begin to look for a taller shelf to store them all --- which of course means that once I have that I can resume with the stashing.
If I don't know what I'm going to use the fabric for, I usually just buy 1/2-yard cuts. I only pick up fat quarters for what I plan to use for my dolls, dollhouses, or if it is an irresistible $1 deal from the fabric shoppe.
I rarely get the opportunity to buy fabric in-store, but when I do I love the wandering experience of searching through and feeling each bolt. It would be my dream to do this for hours, without talking to anyone unless it is about bias tape or what I'm going to make.
If I ever go crazy my plan is to convince my husband that doing this would be more beneficial and cheaper than therapy. : )
I also like to learn and keep up with fabric designers and their new lines. But generally I just pick what I like, without rhyme or reason --- I love color, sometimes earthy tones, but usually fabrics that will brighten up my home.
Have you noticed? : )

*** I feel like I should add the usual links ***
Fabric pic #1 : :  Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party and a few Good Folks -- via  Quilt Home.
Fabric pic #2 : :  Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop -- via Quilt Home.
Fabric pic #3 : :  A variety of designer fat quarter cuts -- via the Fabric Shoppe and Sew Fresh Fabrics
Fabric pic #4 : :  A variety of prints that I picked up at the closest JoAnne fabric store
Fabric pic #5 : :  A variety of designer fat quarter cuts -- via the Fabric Shoppe and Sew Fresh Fabrics
Fabric pic #6 : :  Two Alexander Henry prints that I found at a beautiful quilt shop in Watkins Glen, Ny


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I could live in your craftroom - those are beautiful.

  2. I am DROOLING over your new fabrics! So many gorgeous colors and patterns!

  3. Beautiful fabric. You have quite a selection. I need to go through my stash too. When the weather gets cooler is when I love to sew and bake.

  4. Oh, wow. Your fabric collection is awesome!!

  5. I need to destash but I keep buying instead!! I found that first photo inspiring!!

  6. Beautiful fabric! I love "shopping" in different online shops too. I could spend hours doing that! LOL

    Jennifer :)

  7. I totally with you on the whole fabric obsession! I seriously think it's like a drug for me! I stash mine in a wall of dresser drawers which keeps them neatly stashed away but the drawers are now becoming hard to close so I may have to slow down on the shopping and get sewing! :)

  8. I wish I could reach out and touch that fabric! That's what I love about wondering through the quilt store, taking it all in! I completely understand your passion for fabric! You have some fabulous choices!

  9. Wow, I don't even sew well but I'm getting anxious to go fabric shopping now. :)

  10. Yes, I too need to destash a little. I'm thinking I may do a giveaway? I have lots of prints that were gifted to me that have too much of a country feel -- stay tuned for that!

    And, thank you all! ;)

  11. ...must...look....away....must ....not ...anymore....must


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