Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Weekend. In Pictures : :

Yes,  finally, it feels like Summer. We all made it through last week and thankfully had some extremely warm and wonderful weather here, so we enjoyed it.  Here are a few moments I want to share and remember...

Ah Summer living, our days are full with outside playing, trips to the pool and park, where often times lunch is a "slushie" from the Corner Store. It seems like we are only home long enough to make a mess in the kitchen and then out the door we go! And so I've decided, this year I'm surrendering early --- the cleaning and crafting are just going to have to wait for the rainy days.

Happy Summer! ~ Maureen


  1. I think my family & I have only been swimming once this summer.Cute photos its always nice to share family time together.

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  2. Beautiful photos! Don't you just love summer?

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  3. Oh my I'm a little jealous of that warm weather! What fun that pool looks :)
    x Pepper

  4. The weather here has been beautiful! Thanks for visiting and happy summer to all of you!!!

  5. beautiful kids!:)Happy summer!


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