Monday, March 22, 2010

Embroidery Inspired by Good Folks : :

In my opinion (Ahem) there is no better fabric designer than Anna Maria Horner. She is an extremely talented super Mom, that creates the most beautiful and organic graphics, complimented by an even stronger use of the most brilliant colors I've ever seen in fabric designs. Anna's Good Folks collection was released more than a year ago, so this may be old news to some of you, but hey - I just started sewing again, so I am super siked on her fabrics from this collection and her most recently released collection Little Folks (more on that collection soon).
A little more than a week ago, I ordered a few of my favorites, and in anticipation of their arrival, I decided to get busy on this ~ a new embroidery, inspired by my favorite design from
Good Folks.

The picture story : :

I may have gotten a bit carried away, but I am using these projects as a way to learn, as well as try my own ideas for new embroidery stitches and techniques.

I added a simple patchwork border using some of the fabrics from Gypsy Camp and added some burnt orange piping, my very first time ever sewing piping into anything. I think I held my breath the entire time.
Even though the front was so much work and I am really pleased with how everything turned out and came together ~ I just LOVE this fabric on the back! And, it feels so incredibly wonderful!
Anna Maria Horner's Good Folk Collection : :
(Anna Maria Horner ~ Good Folks – Byzantine Palette)
(Anna Maria Horner ~ Good Folks – Adriatic Palette)


  1. That pillow is really great! Those fabrics are so beautiful and the colors are amazing!

  2. she is also my absolute FAVORITE fabric designer. so much talent and gorgeous folklore inspired prints!!

  3. aand i'm back, haha, should have planned my comments but...

    ...i chose you as someone to pass on the kreativ blogging award to! if you've gotten it before or you choose not to, it's completely ok! either way i will still read your blog and think it's awesome :)

    the icon is over here on my post and you just copy it, pick seven more deserving blogs to pass it to, and then share seven unknown things about yourself which is kind of fun.

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