Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ah, The Cardboard Box : :

My children are some of the most creative and amazing individuals I've ever known, but still...nothing quite spark's their imagination more than a cardboard box! The delivery of a large order of yarn doesn't mean just excitement for me, it means raiding the craft supplies and hours of busy fun. What parent doesn't love that!?! Cardboard, the original kid toy ~ So prevalent, that when we went for Jacob's 5th birthday to the Strong National Museum of Play, we had to laugh when we saw a cardboard box behind the glass in the Hall. It's reputation as a plaything had given it a spot in the National Toy Hall of Fame, one of very few non-brand-specific toys to be honored with inclusion. Pretty cool!
Haila busy coloring the inside of her "house"...

The first half of my yarn order. The colors look a little like Spring to me...

I wanted to share a little of what I've been making this week. Most of the week has been busy making Valentine's with the boys and cupcakes, but I did find time to start a new embroidery project. I am doing the embroidery free hand, but I did get the idea from an embroidery pattern. I'm adding a lot more too it and will be sharing more of this one soon...


  1. My kids are the same way with's like finding gold. I even remember getting old frig boxes and rolling down hills when I was younger! Some of my favorite memories. I love the embroidery!!

  2. Oh the excitement at our house when our parents got a new appliance! My brother and I would keep the box for weeks!

  3. How cute is that!?!?! Oh, I remember how fun the card board box was - and the couch cushions built into a fort! Oh to be eight years old again!

  4. love how the embroidery is coming along, just beautiful!

  5. How sweet! Your work is beautiful and so colourful!

  6. Very sweet! I love your work, so colourful and whimsical.

  7. Thank you for the kind comments. The embroidery is finished now, more of that soon. : )

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