Monday, September 17, 2012

Mod Flower Pillow : :

Flower Pop Pillow

Sorry I am late today! Since Friday afternoon, in-between volunteering, movie watching, soccer games, birthday parties, and packing, I have been in a Rock & Romance trance-like quilt making state! I have never been so focused on finishing something in all my days of sewing! I am very excited about this, but I have to wait just a little longer before all can be revealed...

So today, I'm sharing this cute, little applique pillow I whipped up the other day! I was inspired by an applique I saw in either Mini Boden or Johnnie B, and my Stockholm fabric from Contemporary Cloth.

an idea

Since I love combining felt and fabric, making appliques, and of course, pillows. I sewed up this new design to try. I love how stitchy it is. And the aqua, navy, yellow, and grey color combo is always a winner!

Flower Pop Pillow

Right away, it reminded me of one of my very favorite color mosaics from a post I shared back in May!

color inspiration -- Mustard, Green, Aqua, Blue, Grey, & Black

Which I'm sure is why I especially like how the back of this one turned out! Simply Color + my favorite Bryant Park print (sorry, I can't find a source.)

Flower Pop Pillow Back

I've listed it in my etsy, and I'm still deciding if I should make more in a variety of color combos?

I have to say.. I quite like this one with my new sewing chair! What do you think??
 Flower Pop Pillow

Wishing you all a late, but wonderful start to a new week!   Maureen

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Laura said...


Alia said...

I remember that mosaic! Loved the colors then, love them now. The back on that pillow is great!

Jessica said...

Love that pillow Maureen! Miss you, how's it hanging?

giddy99 said...

Love the pillow! And the sewing chair, actually. List that, too. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Oh that is so pretty! I actually smiled when I saw it :)

piece peace said...

I am smitten with this pillow...and always the fox pillow.

Natalie said...

Gorgeous, as usual. It would look right at home on my couch! And of course I love that color palate-- reminds me of our improv chevron quilt!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Im having to hold myself back. I love those colors but your handiwork is awesome, as usual. One of these days I AM going to make a purchase from your shop!(Acutally, Id have been all over the last fox pillow but it was already sold when I saw your post:(

Sarah said...

Love this one! =D

Shirley Tener said...

It goes great with this chair...... Have a good week. pack and pack ! I am really excited for you.

Phyllis said...

Great pillow!

The Slow Quilter said...

Good work. Love the pillow.

Anonymous said...

I think this design is a winner, Maureen! My vote is for more!!

- Katlin

Cherie said...

Such a gorgeous pillow. A fun design to combine various materials. I would love to see more of them =D

Sue and sew said...

Nice pillow! I love your design and the colors.

Katy Cameron said...

Such a cool effect, love the organicness of the design

**nicke... said...

oh heavens maureen. i love this so much and i hope you make many more. i think a garden of different flowers would be so fun! xo

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

I love that idea!!

sandyb said...

Such a lovely pillow - thank you!!!!!

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

That pillow is delightfully eye-catching! I have to agree with you that the back is amazing, the fabrics just complement each other so well. :)

Annette said...

You know what I love about this one? It's different from anything else I've seen. The colors are yummy and it's just a happy flower!!

Jacey said...

It's such a great pillow. I agree; the color combo is definitely a favorite of mine. And stitchy is a great adjective to describe this pillow!

MoeWest said...

It looks fabulous with your sewing chair. I love the pillow in these fabrics. It would look great in other colour combos too, so definitely make more!

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