An Arizona Herringbone Quilt Friendship Diamond Quilt
A Crisscross Diamond Quilt Folk Medallion Quilt
New Diamond Strings A Wild & Free Quilt
A Wanderlust Quilt New Diamond Strings Quilt
Winter's Garden Quilt in Emmy Grace Wild & Free -- Follow the Stars Quilt!
An Autumn Sun Quilt Indie Symmetry Quilt
A Winter's Garden Quilt Follow the Arrow Quilt
A Diamond Zig Zag Quilt A Marvel Comics Quilt
A Princess Castle Quilt A Making Rows Quilt
A Soaring High Quilt Sunset Quilt -- Road
Nordika Zig Zag Quilt A Tsuru Modern Sampler Quilt
A Winter Herringbone Quilt An Endless Summer Quilt !
A Rock 'N Romance Skull Quilt An Autumn Herringbone Quilt // Maureen Cracknell Handmade
Rock 'n Romance Diamond Strings Quilt A Butterfly Quilt
Ant Farm Quilt -- qayg Applique Art Quilt
A Glimma & Linen Quilt ABC Quilt for Baby Hensel
A Typography Quilt Forest Collage Quilt
Chicopee Triangle & Colorblock Quilt QAYG Quilt
rainbow Srappy Improv Quilt
L quilt Symmetry Quilt


  1. Lovely quilts, especially the one with the 'L' on it :)

  2. All of your quilts are absolutely beautiful Maureen. I especially like the Rock 'n Romance Diamond Strings and the Soaring High quilt with all the flying geese, which is almost exactly like one I have been working on (in my mind and on the sketchpad.) Keep up the good work and thank you for the PDF of the QAYG String quilt (Herringbone). I am just now finding it today, but it's just as lovely as when you posted it over 2 years ago.

  3. Beautiful designs. You can easily find many more designs if you did quilts online shopping India. Thanks for the post.

  4. This is beautiful collection of handmade quilts you have shared. Your work is awesome. Can you guide me with the steps of how can I make this type of quilts? Any help with the tutorial is appreciated. Thanks.

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  6. I am watching your class on Craftsy and I love it! I can not wait to make that pillow this weekend. Your quilts are beautiful!

  7. Love your colorful unique quilts. Especially Arizona Herringbone and Wild and Free.

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