Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sweet Home Quilt Along: Week 4 - Corner Squares & Sashing

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Welcome to week FOUR of the Sweet Home Quilt Along, a QAL I'm co-hosting with Sharon Holland, the designer behind the adorable Sweet Home quilt pattern, and Jennifer Jones of Penelope Handmade!

Sweet Home Weeks Graphic 4

For week FOUR, now that our Log Cabin and Bungalow house blocks are complete, we'll move on to the final piecing portion of the Sweet Home quilt pattern, corner squares and sashing! Below you can see the schedule we're following throughout the QAL, but of course we always encourage and want everyone to sew at their own pace!

Sweet Home QAL Schedule

The Sweet Home quilt pattern is designed by Sharon and is available in her SHOP, for those of you just finding out about our QAL. I'm making a total of four quilts during the QAL, two to keep and two to give -- two will be made with my new Cozy & Joyful collection and two using the original Sweet Home quilt kit, both from Lady Belle Fabric!

I'm currently a little more behind than I had hoped to be by this week because we've been tackling some home projects in our free time now that the weather is finally a bit cooler. Yesterday I completed one of my Cozy & Joyful quilt tops with the snowflake background and I'm so in love!

Maureen — Quilt Top 1 pic2

My second Cozy & Joyful Sweet Home will have a white with red stars background, but the corner squares are the same pretty, cheery bright red! The corner squares for all four of my Sweet Home's are all done, I just need a few more days to piece them altogether.

Maureen — Quilt Top 1 square

Yesterday I made major progress on the twin Sweet Home quilts that I'm making using the original quilt kit that was available at Lady Belle Fabrics. This quilt includes the sweetest peachy coral solid corner squares and a sashing made in an off-white with copper metallic polka dots print by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Maureen — Week 4

Again for the corner squares I used the speedy chain-piecing technique. For me, chain piecing especially made working with the tiny pieces needed to make the corner squares a much more fun process, since tiny pieces has never been a favorite of mine. I've mentioned since week two, when we began making Sweet Homes blocks, that if you're new to quilting and/or chain piecing, Sharon has been putting together a super helpful weekly IGTV video series for this QAL on her Instagram that includes video of each step throughout our QAL. This video series is full of helpful information and tips, including on how to chain piece, so be sure to follow Sharon for her helpful videos!

Maureen — Week 4b

Maureen — Week 4a

Once the corner squares are finished, my quilt top assembly using the sashing pieces has been going pretty quickly. Just seeing each block and piece laid out has me so excited to see these quilt tops finished!

Maureen — Quilt 2

As always, I hope these photos inspire your week four photos! I can't wait to see them! Be sure to post your photos on Instagram with our QAL hashtag #SweetHomeQAL, as well as tagging me @MaureenCracknell, @SharonHollandDesigns and @PenelopeHandmade

Just a reminder -- that from the hashtag pool we'll be able to see everyone's posts, as long as you have a public account, and from there we can interact and encourage one another! We'll also be using the hashtag pool to choose weekly Giveaway winners!

Sweet Home QAL Sponsors

Be sure to pop on over to both Sharon and Jennifer's blogs to see their week four posts!

I'll see you back here Friday when I share our next Giveaway with our sponsor, Hobbs Batting!

xo Maureen


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