Monday, October 28, 2019

My Enchanted Voyage LookBook is out!

I'm so excited to share the LookBook for my brand new collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, Enchanted Voyage and I hope you all love it just as much as I do!

My Enchanted Voyage Fabrics

Inside you'll find dozens of inspirational projects from quilts & home decor to lots of beautiful garments & bags made myself, my friends & AGF makers! Today I want to introduce the LookBook here on the blog and showcase the quilt projects I made to get you inspired for beautiful Enchanted Voyage sewing! I especially LOVED making quilts with this collection, BIG quilts and I hope you will, too!

The Enchanted Voyage LookBook

As always, with each collection comes a free companion Quilt Pattern PDF created with just the collection prints in mind and for Enchanted Voyage I designed Polar Compass, a graphic quilt with a center design that looks stunning on a bed and will keep you warm in style this winter! The Polar Compass quilt pattern makes a large throw size measuring 72" x 72" and was such an enjoyable quilt to sew that I'm hoping to make another soon combining a few Enchanted Voyage prints with a few wintry prints from my past collections mixed in. I've seen a few folks who have already finished their own Enchanted Voyage versions and shared them on Instagram, so be sure to let me know if you give it a go, too!

My Polar Compass Quilt Pattern

As soon as I finished this quilt top and the Destination quilt top that's in the LookBook (that I'll share more about soon) I sent them both to Brooke Becker of Lady Belle Quilting & Lady Belle Fabric to work her longarm quilting magic and she did such a phenomenal job!

This is an up-close look of the allover quilt design that we chose called Gemma by Karlee Porter. Isn't it perfect? I love it so much!

Polar Compass Quilt -- Quilting by Lady Belle Quilting

It added so much wonderful texture to the quilt which I think is so lovely on a simple quilt pattern like this one!

Polar Compass Quilt

I think what I love most about Polar Compass is the way it showcases the color palette of my Enchanted Voyage collection. It's a collection full of pretty blues paired with some of my favorite soft shades of pink, peach and creams. This is also my first true stripe print in all of my eleven collections. I love a good nautical stripe and creating this print was such a great way to marry all the colors I chose for my palette.

Enchanted Voyage Polar Compass Quilt

I'll be back soon to share another one of the quilts that I made for the LookBook, along with some maker projects and new projects ideas to get you inspired to sew with this new collection

Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement & love!

xo Maureen   


  1. Beautiful fabrics, Maureen. I love the projects in the lookbook, especially the Destination quilt looks striking. I love the journal cover too. I need to try both of these projects

  2. Polar Compass is a beauty! This LookBook is the best one yet. Lots of masculine projects too!


  3. Fabrics are gorgeous!!! I'm off to spend some time in the LookBook!!

  4. Amazing fabrics and LookBook!

  5. Beautiful fabric line and love your design!

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