Monday, October 29, 2018

Autumn Vibes Pillowcases : :

Autumn Vibes Pillowcase Set

I'm a little later than I had hoped getting to my blog today, but I had a super productive sewing day. Hooray! I sewed from 8:30am to 2:00pm and I was able to complete & cross off  SEVEN small projects from my Sun Kissed to-make list. I'm hoping to make many of these new-to-me projects again with Autumn Vibes, once Quilt Market weekend is over, but for today I want to share one of my favorite Autumn Vibes sewing finishes to date -- these gorgeous pillowcases!

Autumn Vibes Pillowcase Set

I would love nothing more than to have a set of sheets for our bed made using each of my fabric collections. Wouldn't that be dreamy? There's always a few standout designs that are so perfect for bedding, that now when my rolls of advanced yardage arrive, making a set of pillowcases for myself has become tradition!

Autumn Vibes

I love picking and pulling prints from the twenty quilting cottons that make up each collection to begin my pillowcase making! Have you ever tried to make your own? It's incredibly simple and is such a great way to admire your most favorite fabrics!

I've made so many over the years that I've been sewing, always using FITF's Pretty Quick Pillowcase tutorial, which includes fancy French Seam instructions that result in a beautiful finish. I love making them so much that I offer orders anytime for custom pillowcases in my Etsy Shop!

Pillowcase Orders

For these first two Autumn Vibes pillowcases I used,

Pressed Ablossom Royal + Cozy Ditzy Plum + Harvest Trails Vanilla - -

Autumn Vibes Pillowcase Set

Foxes In Fall + Fall In Love Serene + Midfall Trellis Pumpkin - -

I made both of these pillowcases in just a short sewing session and would love nothing more than to make a dozen more, mixing and matching my Autumn Vibes prints all day long! Recently I shipped a quilt order inside of one as a special thank you gift to my customer, and now I think that will become my go-to for all quilt orders that come through my Etsy Shop. They're so much fun to make and I'm always so pleased with how they turn out!

Autumn Vibes Pillowcase Set

I really hope today's Autumn Vibes project inspires you!  xo Maureen


* You can find the list of online retailers currently carrying Autumn Vibes under ----- MY ART GALLERY FABRICS


  1. Thank you for the lovely fabric pics this morning!

  2. Beautiful pillows and fabrics!

  3. Maureen, these pillow cases are beautiful!
    I just love the foxes. I live in Northern Virginia near the Blue Ridge, and we have foxes!!

    I want to make pillow cases for everyone for Christmas.


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