Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dixie Belle Paint: LOVE in Apricot!

Today I'm SO excited to introduce you all to Dixie Belle Paint as a new sponsor here on the blog!

I'm a HUGE fan of their Chalk Paint ever since Haila and I spent a weekend painting our dining room set together -- you can see that fun project HERE! Since that first project, I've been using Dixie Belle for all kinds of paint projects both small and really big, like transforming a gloomy, neglected office space into a colorful new sewing studio, where I happily go to work each day. These days I now find myself constantly on the lookout for old forgotten furniture pieces that I can transform with this magical paint! So when Dixie Belle Paint invited me to join their affiliate program, I happily accepted and I'm so excited to add sharing an occasional Dixie Belle before and after project with all of you all right here in the weeks ahead. My hope is that it will inspire you to join me in freshening up our homes and sewing rooms with some colorful Dixie Belle Paint projects!

Introducing, Dixie Belle Paint!

For the past few weeks my big project has been to create a display for Autumn Vibes, my upcoming collection with AGF, since I was unable to attend Spring Quilt Market in Portland this past weekend. Before I could spend my time stitching up samples, first I had to find the perfect furniture pieces for showcasing this new collection. Enter: Dixie Belle's Apricot Chalk Paint!

Dixie Belle in Apricot

Inspired by the changing leaves of Autumn, with colors ranging from deep scarlet to the softest apricot, I decided to keep the main furniture piece in my booth, the shelf that would be front and center, nice and soft to show the sweeter side of these colorful fabrics!

Autumn Vibes Colors

Pretty Apricot

We've had this little bookshelf in our home, purchased from a local thrift store several years ago. It's either held children's books or supplies in my home sewing room. But the extra dark brown mixture of stained wood and paint has always been a little too harsh for me.  In person you can see well the rough paint and stain job. Still, it has serviced us well and I love it's size and details. It was time for a pretty update!

Shelf Before

This paint is so easy to use, it's amazing! It requires no prep work, goes on smoothly, covers wonderfully, and dries quickly. What more can you ask for, right?! I would never be able to think of projects like this one with my limited time if not for this paint, because of the sanding and priming that is required with other paints. I'm just so grateful to have discovered Dixie Belle, and the colors are all so beautiful, too!

Painting with Dixie Belle

Once I was finished and I put my shelf in place, I began adding some accessories that would coordinate well with my Autumn Vibes fabrics. Pretty, pretty!

Shelf in Apricot

This first photo is a close-up look at how well this apricot color plays with the vibrant, saturated colors of my Autumn Vibes collection. And notice how smoothly the paint looks, like a brand new piece!

With Autumn Vibes

In this photo I was still sewing up samples and working on how the Apricot shelf would be styled. Even my new Opal House pillow from Target matched this color perfectly. It's nice to find new products in the stores in the colors that I'm currently working with. It's always nice to know that I'm on-trend with my choices. Yay!

Dixie Belle Apricot for Autumn Vibes

Before I share the final display reveal, I have to share the little plant stand that I painted with the Apricot Chalk Paint, too. I bought this stand at a church rummage sale across the street from my studio for just $2. Major score! It was marked up bad and had a giant water stain on the tabletop that took up almost the entire circular surface and now you'd never know!

Apricot Plant Stand

And, now I'm super excited to share the reveal of how this Apricot painted shelf at the center of my Autumn Vibes display turned out! You may have seen photos of my display posted on my Instagram and Facebook page at the start of Spring Quilt Market this past Friday. I received such an amazing, supportive response from so many, and now I'm thrilled to share these details about my Dixie Belle painted Apricot shelf. I absolutely love it!

Dixie Belle in Apricot for Autumn Vibes

I'd love to know what you think of this project and what kind of before and after Dixie Belle Paint projects you'd like to see me share? My plan is to keep the focus on sharing things that are functional for us sewers, as well as nice display pieces to showcase my fabrics and handmade items. I'd both LOVE and appreciate your feedback, so please chime in! Be sure to take a look at the colors that Dixie Belle offers and let me know which colors you love most and that you'd like to see me use! Click here to see -- Dixie Belle Paint Colors.

Already lined up I have plans to paint an interesting shaped wood coffee table that's perfect for displaying sewing books and has a bottom shelf that's holding extra pillows. I have a huge wall shelf unit that came out of a house built in the 1800's! It has been beat up pretty bad over a decade of use to store cans in an old basement, so I'm hoping to bring it to life! I also have a few little projects in the works and a newly painted sewing table that's already finished and just needs photographed. You're going to love this one!

I can't wait to read what projects and colors you'd like to see next!

xo Maureen


  1. This is so pretty Maureen, can't wait to see what projects you have planned!

  2. How about a wicker or wood/reed woven basket? I’ve many that could use a makeover.


  3. Now I want to paint. I love this color. I would love to get some of this. I have never used chalk paint.
    Maureen, your shelves and little table turned out wonderful. I also like the dining room table project from two years ago. I like the color of oak, it is pretty, but that table top you had was kind of icky. I would have painted over that STAT from the get go😇 I am glad you had cute kiddos to help

  4. Ooooh, off subject, but I adore that green chair!!!

  5. Hi Maureen! That apricot is a beautiful color. I have used other brands of chalk paint in the past. Do you need to finish it off with wax or another sealant/protector? You didn't mention that step.

  6. They are really cute. I like the wooden bookshelf

  7. I love your site, just found it.
    Would love to win one of your give-aways.
    Love the fabrics you have chosen to use.
    I am a quilter, knitter, sewer, about ready to redo entire house to ADA Standards inside 1st floor and will need to redecorate to make it mine.


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