Friday, May 25, 2018

A Community Sampler Giveaway with Hobbs Batting & Art Gallery Fabrics!

It's Community Sampler Giveaway Friday!

Week #14 Giveaway!

Each Friday, throughout the Community Sampler sew-along community event that Sharon Holland and I are hosting together, we've lined up a new, special Giveaway with one of our amazing, participating sponsors! If you happened to miss the launch of our Sampler you can follow this link for all the info and can join us anytime - it's never too late to jump in!

Thank you, Sponsors!

Today's featured Community Sampler sponsors are Hobbs Batting and Art Gallery Fabrics!

Sponsor: Hobbs Batting

Hobbs Quilt Batting has manufactured high-quality batting for hobbyist, commercial, art and show quilters since 1978. They're proud to come from a family of quilters and are committed to providing the same quality Hobbs batting that provide to their own family of quilters. At Hobbs Batting, they never forget that quilts are gifts from the heart - an expression of love, commitment and caring for a specific recipient - or an expression of artistry and skill - artistry and that's submitted and judged in quilt shows and events around the word - or both! At Hobbs they're committed to doing their part to enhance our #JoyofQuilting!  *  Blog  *  Instagram  *  Facebook  *  We hope you visiting Hobbs Quilt Batting!

For this week's Community Sampler Giveaway, Hobbs Batting is offering a lucky winner both here and on Instagram $50 worth of their wonderful batting! Sharon and I both love the quality of this batting, especially Hobbs line of Tuscany battings that includes Silk, Wool and Cottons that add a soft, luxurious feel to any quilt!

Hobbs Batting Community Sampler Giveaway!

PLUS, a bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics!

Sharon and I are excited to share that along with $50 worth of Hobbs Batting, Art Gallery Fabrics is offering this gorgeous ten-piece pastel fat quarter bundle with prints from various AGF designers!

Week #14 AGF Prize

Art Gallery Fabrics was started in 2004. Since then creativity, beauty, and design have been their passions, and to this day, they have not changed and bring a chic and modern perspective to the quilting industry. When it comes to designing a fabric collection we always keep originality and uniqueness on the top of our list. We have the pleasure of working with a talented fabric designers who create enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints that make our collections one of a kind.

Art Gallery designs modern fabrics that keep up with ongoing trends and at the same time it encourages our customers to use new colors and patterns so they venture out of their usual comfort zone. At Art Gallery Fabrics believes strongly in the quality of the fabric and that is transcended in their superior thread count and fine weave. This makes our premium cotton as soft and smooth you can get. You really feel the difference with just one touch!

Be sure to follow Art Gallery Fabrics on their --

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AGF Bundle Giveaway

Enter to win!

Here's how,

Since Sharon and I are taking turns hosting Community Sampler Giveaway Fridays, this week I'm sending you to Sharon Holland Design's blog to enter!

A BIG thanks to all of you who are joining the Community Sampler sew-along and to those who enter our Giveaway! Have a great Friday and weekend! xo Maureen


  1. Always thankful for good quilting info and the chance to receive more quilt goodies. Off to get the last of my Community Sampler blocks finished. (Seriously behind schedule) D. Weeks aka Momma Llama

  2. I'm enjoying this quilt along so much! Thanks for making it so much fun!

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