Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Community Sampler Week #6!

Welcome to a new block release day of the Community Sampler sew-along! I'm finally over my nasty bout with tonsillitis and it was a brutal one. I haven't had pain like that in years. I didn't get much sewing in while I was sick, but still I'm behind on sharing a few really cute finishes here, so I'm hoping to play catchup this next week!

Fairground CS Block

Today is the release of block FIVE of the Community sampler! For those of you that are new here, Sharon Holland and I have teamed up once again to co-host this block-of-the-week community event and we're so exited to have so many sewing with us! Just a reminder that there are eleven blocks in our Community Sampler quilt and each Wednesday on both of our blogs we release a new block PDF or finishing step, share piecing techniques and tips, and provide inspirational photos as Sharon and I make our own Community Sampler quilts! You can visit my Community Sampler Page above in my tabs bar to retrieve all of the released PDF's so far. Feel free to jump in anytime!

Community Sampler Sew-Along

Today's PDF is for our FIFTH block -- Fairground. Block instructions always come complete with cutting information plus step-by-step illustrations, but be sure to visit my co-host Sharon's blog for additional images and tips for this Fairground block. This week we're revisiting some patchwork techniques including the make-four-at-a-time flying geese method and the two-at-a-time HST method, plus we're introducing a new technique for making no-waste square-in-square units!

Community Sampler Block No. 7 -- Fairground

For my own Fairground block I'm using four prints from my Love Story collection -- Mixed Emotions, Flower Stamp Spell, Hearts Fletching Blush and my Love Birds Celeste!

Block 6 Love Story Fabrics

This combination of pretty peach, my favorite shade of Cornflower blue, Navy and this slightly grayish white is so pretty!

Peach & Blue

My Block-Loc flying geese rulers were so handy for making the perfectly trimmed flying geese units needed for this Fairground block. I used the 2" x 4" ruler that comes in the Flying Geese set #3 and I can't tell you how excited I am to have these on hand from now on for trimming flying geese units!

Geese for Block 6

Bloc_Loc Flying Geese Ruler

My Love Birds print was an adventurous choice for this block! I teetered back and forth between this print and something more subtle, but in the end I couldn't resist these adorable, sweet birds! In my mock-up I had planned to add in a fifth print, but the instructions are so well written for using just four, so I decided to not make things anymore difficult for myself this week. I think it turned out really fun and it looks great amongst my different finished blocks!

Community Sampler Fairground Block

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your Fairground blocks! When you share on Instagram use the hashtag #CommunitySampler and be sure to tag @sharonhollanddesigns and myself @maureencracknell so we can visit and see your beautiful blocks!

Using #CommunitySampler hashtag will also automatically enter you in the weekly IG Giveaway pool! Remember that your Instagram account does need to be a public account for your post to show up in the Instagram hashtag pool. But please don't worry, if you don't have Instagram or you'd like to keep your account private, we will also be hosting the same giveaway prize, alternately between Sharon's and my blog, so you can choose how and where to enter each week!

Thank you, Sponsors!

Be sure to check back here on Friday for more info on this week's Community Sampler Giveaway with our generous sponsor Dritz!

xo Maureen  


  1. Oooo I love this block. What a fun design. I am excited to get started Thank you Maureen for sharing so much

  2. Great post, clear and easy to follow. I can totally relate to this post!

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