Thursday, January 11, 2018

Little Bag LOVE!

Stitching up little bags has become my go-to when I'm in the mood for a quick-sew with a guaranteed beautiful finish! Throughout this past year my love for making bags has really grown. I think mostly because the ones I make are simple and I can easily make one or two in a single afternoon sewing session!

The first style of bags to really lure me in were drawstrings bags. I made my first following my friend Svetlana's, of the sotak handmade blog, drawstring bag tutorial. After following her wonderful instructions to make one, I was completely hooked and capable of taking what I had learned to go on to make all different sizes and styles of drawstring bags!  For my Love Story LookBook I made two very different drawstring bags, one very similar to Svetlana's with added layers of batting and a combination of quilted denim, red pompoms & my Soulmate Blooms print. Then a second, much larger Love Story bag, in my scrappy herringbone quilt as you go style with boxed out corners for a flat bottom. I could seriously make these all day!

Love Story Drawstring Bags

Up until last year I was so intimidated by zippers and now I have no idea why I was afraid, they are so easy! Just like with drawstring bags, once you make one you just get it, and now zipper bags will forever be my go-to when I need a handmade gift. Everyone loves a new bag, right! Since making my first, I’ve made zipper pouches in all shapes and sizes and styles and I feel like there will always be a new, creative way to make a zipper pouch bag. Before I made my first one, I bought zippers in bulk from HERE (affiliate link), I love the colors and now I'll always have an assortment of zippers to choose from!

With my new Love Story fabrics I made three very different zipper pouch bags!

Love Story Zipper Pouches

I had just my strike offs, small pieces of each print, to make these LookBook samples which is why these three zipper pouch bags ended up a bit scrappier than the ones I'm making today and will be sharing in a sale on Monday. Still they each showcase my Love Story prints in a really fun way!

Patchwork + Pompoms...

Love Story Pompom Zipper Pouch

Patchwork + Lace...

Love Story & Lace Zipper Pouch

And the tiniest Herringbone QAYG...

Love Story Herringbone Zipper Pouch

In addition to all the little bag making, I've branched out into making totes! The tutorial I learned tote bag making from is the Easy, Easier, Easiest Totes by Purl Soho, which includes simple fold & sew tote making instructions!

Love Story Canvas & Patchwork Tote

After making several of each of the three versions of Purl Soho totes, I've been able to whip up my own ideas for tote bags with no problem! For my Love Story LookBook I made this Love Story tote in my Daring Tribal canvas with a large front and back quilted patchwork pocket. I'll be making many more of these for sure!

AGF Denim Handles

Tutorials take a lot of time to put together and the busyness of life & designing fabrics the past couple of years has certainly put a dent in the time I have to sew and post here on the blog, but I hope to make time to share more how-to's in 2018. Writing today's blog, and referencing the tutorials that have taught me so much about bag making this past year, was a great reminder of the generosity of sewists and their willingness to share their tutorials online with no motive other than the joy of giving. It's a wonderful thing!

I hope these projects inspire you to make some Love Story bags of your own and that you'll take a look at the LookBook that's full of references and tutorials to get you inspired to sew with this new collection!

xo Maureen


  1. Ohhhhh, love your fabrics and your little bags. I love to make them, too. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful Maureen! Thank you for all you share with us. I don’t know how you have the time to do all that you do. I appreciate everything you share with us, it has inspired me. Best wishes for a great New Year! xx/oo ps will definitely be getting my hand on some Love Story❤️💕❤️🌺

  3. I cannot wait to get my hands on this fabric. The more I see of what you have made, I just love the colors together.
    I would love to learn how to make those cute felt and fabric flowers too


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