Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Sewcial Bee Sampler: My Finished Quilt Top!

My Sewcial Bee Sampler

Join the Sewcial Bee Sampler!

Before I share my finished Sewcial Bee Sampler, one last time Sharon and I are asking for all SBS makers to take the 8-answer survey we've prepared! This quick questionnaire is completely anonymous and the answers will give us better insight into how you've enjoyed this sew-along. To ensure the most accurate results, please only take the survey once. A BIG thanks to those of you who've participated in the SBS questionnaire already! If you've not yet had a chance to take the survey, please do so as soon as you can, we're only keeping it open now through the end of the SBS sew along. The link provided on both our blogs will link to the same survey. So, if you access the questionnaire from either Sharon's site or mine, your answers are compiled to the same place. Thank you in advance for your help. This has truly been a wonderful experience for both Sharon and I!

A SBS Survey

Now it's time to show off my finished Sewcial Bee Sampler quilt top!

For those of you who just discovered our block-of-the-week bee and for those of you not yet finished, you can continue to access all of the pattern and instruction pdf's on my Sewcial Bee Sampler Page so you can find everything you need to make an SBS Sampler right in one place, anytime!

The Sewcial Bee Sampler Finale

For my version of the Sewcial Bee Sampler I have used prints from each of my fabric collections with Art Gallery Fabrics: Wild and Free, Fleet & Flourish, Nightfall, Garden Dreamer, & Soulful!  For me, this chance to see how my own prints from the collections I've created would interact with one another depending on how they were paired and positioned in each block of the week has been so fun and rewarding. With each new fabric collection comes a new story, theme and color palette needed to create something unique, all while wanting to hold onto a style and quality that will effortlessly bridge each of them together with past collections. This can be challenging and so for me to have made this quilt top that I really love, pairing all of my current prints together, it has been extra satisfying!

All Collections!
Twenty Five Week Collage

I put together this mosaic of my twenty-five blocks, in order of when they were made, not how I pieced them together in my final quilt top. Before I began adding my sashing strips to connect my blocks and rows, I had to remake just one block, my week 17 block: Spools, which provided a chance to add in a little Soulful to my Sampler, so I was happy to remake that one! Along with my own fabric designs I used The Denim Studio Soft Sand Linen for each of my block frames and for the final sashing, AGF's Solid Smooth Denim in Cool Foliage, a vintage looking blue that pairs perfectly with the colors I love to use when coloring my fabric collections! 


For these finale photos I had to return to my favorite local spot for quilt pictures. Isn't this barn amazing? I love the worn, white washed wood! The Sewcial Bee Sampler is just a little too big for Kevin to hold up without losing some of the blocks from view, so thankfully a couple of pins in the old wood grooves did the trick. Pretty, pretty!

My Sewcial Bee Sampler

I also took the quilt top with me out to my sister's beautiful new cabin in the woods. The lighting was so gorgeous, but the lush surroundings  made it a little challenging to get great shots of the full top. It was one of those times where you really had to be there to appreciate just how beautiful the quilt top looked amongst the overgrown field and fading sunlight!

My Sewcial Bee Sampler

Truly, although this is totally biased, I do believe that the Sewcial Bee Sampler will look incredible photographed just about anywhere! Sharon and I have both been admiring each new finished SBS that is shared in the #SewcialBeeSampler hashtag pool, so keep them coming! It was been such a joy to see all of the weeks of work we've put in on beautiful display!

My Sewcial Bee Sampler

It's bittersweet to see this journey come to and end and it's impossible to put into words just how much this entire sew-along has surpassed all of our expectations. This is a first time sew-along for Sharon and myself, both joining and hosting. The entire thing has been such a highlight! But I have to share that getting to work with Sharon as a fellow AGF design sister and on this sew-along has me feeling like the luckiest girl. Sharon's process of creating and planning is like nothing else, and she does it all so effortlessly. Everything she does comes out of her heart, down to every last detail, and it's so special. Thank you, Sharon. Thank you for your wisdom, your generosity, and patience with your own process (and with me). You are an inspiration, a dear friend, and I am personally grateful that you took the time to do this with me.

I'm excited to see all of the finished SBS Quilts this week! If you're blogging about your finished SBS, feel free to leave a link where we all can see in the comment section below. Be sure to visit Sharon's blog today to see her beautiful versions and to stop back for details on how to enter this week's special FINALE Sewcial Bee Giveaway Friday!

Sewcial Bee Sampler Sponsors  XO Maureen     


  1. just saw you for the first time on bloglovin. what an amazing sampler quilt. now I have to go and read all the posts! have a great day

  2. Wow, it`s absolutely fantastic.Love your fabric combo.Great job and tutorials!!

  3. Love the sashing fabric - AGF's Solid Smooth Denim in Cool Foliage. Does it really look that good in person. LOVE the color.

  4. Thank you Maureen and Sharon. Your sew-along was the best. I'm looking forward to more, even if there is a small charge. I found your instructions and diagrams very clear and easy to understand.

  5. It's just so gorgeous. I've gone back and gotten all the block patterns and instructions. It's on my to-do list for the future. Thanks so much!

  6. Maureen, it's absolutely beautiful! Your love for your work is most definitely evident in this quilt. I loved your message to Sharon ...needed some tissues:) Both of you are truly wonderful for hosting SBS and sharing your passions for fabric and stitching. Thank you.


  7. I follow you on instagram and FB

  8. fabrics give us such amazing possibilities to explore our creative side, yours are always so beautiful

  9. I am so glad that SBS will be posted indefinitely, I didn't get a chance to sew along, but it is on my to-do list.

  10. The SBS was so much fun! I am so thrilled I was able to follow along, not just piecing each block and deciding about fabrics to use, but reading both your and Sharon's blog posts, following on IG, and seeing everyone's blocks come together! It was perfect to see contrasting sashing and blended and loving both looks. Thank you both for such a great QAL and for all the time taken from your valuable everyday work to get this accomplished! The patterns, blog posts, instructions...all professional! Great job!!!


  11. Your quilt is beeuteful! I can't wait till mine is done!
    Thank you sor such a fun quilt!

  12. It is for the first that I just visited your site and I find it really interesting! Congratulations!

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