Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Sewcial Bee Sampler Sew-Along: Block 10!

Butterfly Crossing SBS Block & Fabrics

It's week TEN and another block release day of the Sewcial Bee Sampler sew-along! Sharon Holland and I are co-hosting this community sew-along now through early August. I always like to begin each Wednesday by reminding folks of the details, especially those of you who may be just learning about the bee. Most importantly, it's never too late to jump in! We still have quite a few new participants joining us each week, the blocks typically take about an hour, so feel free to join us and play catch-up at anytime! I also love to encourage you all to keep posting to Instagram with #SewcialBeeSampler tagging @sharonhollanddesigns and myself @maureencracknell when you post anything SBS so we can both see and easily keep track of all your wonderful bee posts. We'll continue to try our best to visit with all who join the sew along. We're all having so much fun!

Join the Sewcial Bee Sampler!

Today's free download is for block #10: Butterfly Crossing. I'll be sure to add this new pattern to my Sewcial Bee Sampler Page, so those of you just discovering our bee can find everything you need to begin right in one place! Simply click on the link or the image below for direct access to this week's new SBS pattern!

Sewcial Bee Sampler Week Ten Block: Butterfly Crossing

For this week's Butterfly Crossing block I'm using two of my Nightfall prints, Nox Iridescence Dim and Magical Gust Crisp. These two prints share a similar deep teal blue shade that I thought would contrast nicely with Fleet & Flourish's peachy-coral Sacred Amulets. I spent a bit more time deciding on this week's fabric than I typically do. I had planned out my block fabrics before beginning my own sampler, but little changes made along the way have me pulling for new fabrics each week. I'm having so much fun with it!

Week Ten Fabrics

This week's technique is a new one, using the method for making two-at-a-time HSTs to create little 2.5" finished hourglass units. I've used this method for making hourglass blocks several times, but never to make ones this small. It was fun, but challenging, and I could certainly use another go at this block pattern to see if I can be a bit more accurate!

Week Ten -- Done!

This block has a narrow frame, and as usual I'm using AGF's Soft Sand Linen, a sweet pairing with the colorful, busy prints I chose for this week's block. I took careful time to fussy cut and center my dragonflies to have them all flying in the same direction. It wasn't until after I finished and photographed my block that I decided it would have been both a better looking block and much more fitting with this week's block name, had I used more of my Magical Gust print rather than the dragonflies. I would have ended up with a block full of little butterflies (moths) floating all throughout the block, very fitting for "Butterfly Crossing." Oh well, I still love it!

Week Ten SBS Block

I had mentioned a few times throughout the past couple of months that I was all packed up, busy working on moving my home studio to a new storefront downtown. Well, unfortunately those plans are at a standstill and I had to unpack about a week ago, so I can get back to work right here at home. I had hoped to have enough space in the studio for a design wall, but for now I'll happily continue to keep my blocks together using my go-to hanger system. For more than a month my sewing room was such a mess anticipating the big move, but now that everything is put back together I'll try to snap a photo of my TEN blocks to share! Can you believe we're already at week ten?! I hope you're enjoying this Bee as much as Sharon and I are!

My Sewcial Bee Sampler Blocks

I'm can't wait to see the Butterfly Cross blocks you'll make this week! Be sure to visit Sharon's blog today to see her beautiful versions, plus the wonderful, extra step by step details & photos to help you learn this week's brand new technique! Stop back for this week's Sewcial Bee Giveaway Friday with our wonderful sponsor Lady Belle Fabrics!

The Sewcial Bee Sampler Sponsors!

Happy SBS sewing! ♡ Maureen 


  1. Sorry to read about the studio! I hope it works out for you, it will be amazing!

  2. Hi Maureen,
    I have enjoyed working on these blocks.
    I still can't get over your lovely gift. Every time I start on a block, it makes me think of your generosity.
    You are such a nice and giving lady!
    Thank you again,
    Rosemary Kamenca

  3. Good morning, having a great time with this project. Love all the wonderful blocks.5

  4. I cannot believe you fussy cut all those dragonflies...beautiful block Maureen! I have fussy cut the center on a few of my blocks and look forward to fussy cutting your owl for another down the road I would love some pointers on the best technique. Anyhow having a blast good luck with the new studio will happen when it's the right time

  5. Thanks for another cute block

  6. Such a cute block. Thanks so much! tljeo at yahoo dot com

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