Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Fabric Stash Cabinet : :

Cabinet Tighty

Each time I go to begin a new quilt using my fabrics, I find myself tearing another half yard or so from the rolls of my prints that I receive from Art Gallery Fabrics.  My main fabric stash cabinet has become such a cluttered mess, that rather than sort through the piles searching for the prints I need to begin a new project, pulling from the rolls is the fastest way to begin.  The other day I noticed just how quickly these precious rolls of mine were thinning out, so I decided that this time I would take the time to search my big cabinet for all of my prints floating amongst the messy bundles. This became quite the project! I thought maybe you'd like to see, so I took some photos throughout the day to share!

The before...   Hopefully this looks much different, in a bad way, to you all compared to the photo above!

Cabinet Messy

Where to being? Well, because I'm such a fan of so many fellow fabric designers and get just as excited today about new lines coming out as I did when I discovered this wonderful world of sewing, designer fabrics, and blogging - and since I've already tried out organizing by color and by manufacturer and by simply separating collections. Now that it's been several years that I've been "collecting" fabrics, I decided it was time to sort the big cabinet by designer.

Orginizing by Designer

Above you might recognize two of my favorite -- Pat Bravo and April Rhodes!

The only exception made was my voile stash, these beauties have to stay together!  I've always dreamed of making an ultra luxurious herringbone quilt using nothing but voiles for the top and something equally dreaming for the backing, a super soft plush perhaps. How heavenly would that be

Making Voile Plans

I even set the voiles in my cabinet in a way that they're peeking out just a bit further than the other stacks so I don't forget that these are high on my to-make list!

Cabinet ~ Voile Bundles

I really enjoyed seeing all of my Sharon Holland prints together! I noticed that I'm missing her Gossamer collection and that I've used quite a few prints from Tapestry, but seeing these together has me so excited about her next line due out in March, Bountiful!

My Sharon Holland collection

Below, at the center, is my Bonnie Christine collection and a look at my newly stashed bundle of her beautiful Wonderful Things line. I'm making plans for these and will be sure to share more next week!

Cabinet Bundles

So what do you think, better? I think it's so much better, definitely worth the time it took, and I found almost everything print I needed to begin my next quilt amongst the mess!

Cabinet Tighty

I shared a peek of it yesterday on my Instagram, did you see? I'm so excited about where this "collection quilt" is headed!

Collection Quilt Beginning

I'll be back soon with more to share! ♡ Maureen


  1. Maureen, This was very interesting to watch. I have my fabric sorted by color in folded pieces and in clear shoe boxes for the scraps. I always pull my scrap boxes first and then go to my folded pieces. I do have all my Denyse Schmidt fabric separated out because I'm working on a "Lunden's Charity Block" quilt all from Denyse Schmidt. You wouldn't happen to have any older scraps that you want to destash would you?

  2. Always the conundrum . . . by color or designer? At this point, with a stash much smaller than yours, I have opted for keeping my favorite designers together and color sorting the rest. Am intrigued by just having the fabrics stashed directly on the shelves rather than in containers on the shelves . . . may have to rethink my methods. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good God, looks like fabric heaven to me!!! The "after" pics are definately better, and looking forward to see your new project and all the others that you mentioned above!! waiting to see the new herringbone quilt top with the voiles also!!! thanks for sharing these pics, made my day!!

  4. I love the pieces you've pulled for you newest creation! Best of wishes getting it put together to show us all!

  5. Beautiful cabinet for your stash!!

  6. Your fabrics are so beautiful!! Love your blocks!!

  7. wow! look at all that yummy fabric!!

  8. I want to come to your house and play!

  9. O My Gosh! You could open up your own fabric store! I have lots of fabric but not that much! Don't you just want to take each piece out every day and feel-l-l it!

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  11. WOW!!!!! Nice stash!! I'd need 3 more lifetimes to use all that fabric!! lol!!

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