Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Collection Quilt Plan : :

It's beautiful this morning. Outside huge, fluffy snowflakes are falling and I'm inside warm & excited to begin my first quilt of the New Year!

All Collections!

On Friday, I had shared on my Instagram that my BIG goal for over the weekend was to design a new quilt pattern suitable for using all of my Art Gallery Fabrics collections. That's Wild & Free + Fleet & Flourish + Nightfall + Garden Dreamer -- sixty-eight prints total! While we were up in New York for one last holiday celebration with my husband's family, I worked here and there on my design, but in the end decided the best pattern for this project was to remake one of my favorites -- my Winter's Garden quilt, just bigger!

Winter's Garden Quilt in Emmy Grace

In the original Winter's Garden quilt design, each block features three different prints with a narrow, solid border that I could easily change to use a blender print. Or perhaps I'll just make a larger quilt, including twenty blocks rather than sixteen. The scrappy sashing is ideal for including my low volume prints, and the center area of each block perfect for the main prints that I've designed for each collection!

What do you think?

Emmy Grace in the light!

So there we have it, a project plan to begin right after I finish up the tutorial for my Reverse Appliqué Love Garden pillow!

I Can't wait! ♡ Maureen      


  1. Looks like the perfect plan to me!

  2. Perfect choice! Can't wait to see you work your magic in the new year :)

  3. It's going to be AWESOME! What a great idea...

  4. That looks like the ideal quilt pattern for you goal. Can't wait to see it!

  5. Love the quilt, and eager to see the new one.

  6. can't wait to see it. Everything you make is gorgeous!

  7. Over the years, without realizing, I have accumulated several pieces of your collections. Simply put, they take my breath away. I am currently using them in a Solstice project run by Pat Sloan and just love how they look in these simple, but fun blocks. I have challenged myself to use as few prints as possible in each block so that the unique beauty of your prints shines without being dulled by using too much color. The quilt you have planned should be stunning. My only suggestion would be to consider using less prints in between the blocks so the viewer's eye can rest and enjoy each large block in all its' glory. I look forward to seeing your quilt.

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