Thursday, December 1, 2016

In Garden Dreamer Canvas : :

A Garden Dreamer Canvas Tote

Since my last blog post I have been sewing nonstop with Garden Dreamer! Bags and pouches and pillows and even a completely finished quilt, all in just two days! Today I'm taking a little break to quickly share the last remaining member of my Garden Dreamer family -- the canvas!

With each new collection comes one new canvas and this canvas, named Moment in Time Dim, is my favorite one yet!

My Garden Dreamer Canvas

My roll arrived a few days before the quilting cottons and over the busy holiday Haila, my niece Ceci, and I found just enough time for us to stitch up new Easy Tote bags featuring this new canvas. The girls each made a slightly smaller version, paired with a Nightfall Moon Stories quilting cotton, and had such a blast sewing together!

A Thanksgiving Sewing Day

Haila and Ceci's tote bags

I chose to wait to finish my bag once the rest of Garden Dreamer arrived, and paired the medium weight canvas bag exterior & pocket with my quilting cotton print Climbing Posies in Blush for the lining, and used a heavy weight, solid textured colored denim in Scarlet Brick that I had on hand for the handles.

Canvas + Denim

Lined with Climbing Posies in Blush

Scarlet Brick Heavy Weight Denim

Once again we followed the wonderful bag tutorial on the Purl Bee Blog for their Easy, Easier, and Easiest Totes, opting for the "Easy" one that includes French seams, a tote bag lining fabric, a handy pocket, and roomy boxed out bottom. I prefer to finish my bags with a boxed bottom, but mostly chose this Easy version so I could combine two pretty Garden Dreamer fabrics into one bag!

A Garden Dreamer Easy Tote Bag

I am loving sewing with this new collection and I hope you'll love it, too! I'm excited to share that both of my sponsors Circa 15Lady Belle Fabrics & Llama Fabrics are already carrying the entire collection and I'll have lots of Garden Dreamer inspiration to share with you all next week!

xo Maureen

p.s. I'm having a Flash Sample Sale in my Etsy Shop! Use coupon code: FLASH20 for an additional 20% off on Easy Totes, handmade stockings, pillows, scrap bundles, and even a few quilts!!


  1. Wow! Another fabulous line you have put out. I can't move on until I finish my project with Nightfall (& some pieces from F & F and W & F). Can't wait to see what you'll share with us next! Love your fabrics.

  2. Love your totes! Waiting for the inside fabric was a great idea, it looks fantastic up against the pretty blue!

  3. Beautiful fabrics Maureen!

  4. This is simply a gorgeous fabric. I am so glad i found your blog, O am off to order some goodness for myself

  5. Love your totes and this fabric is awesome!!

  6. The tote looks great!!! I love the fabric!

  7. It's so pretty! I just bought myself a couple of scrap bundle, thanks!

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