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Nightfall Pillowcases

Today begins the second week of the Nightfall Parade!! I hope you're all enjoying this series of projects featuring my new Nightfall collection for Art Gallery Fabrics!

The Nightfall Parade

I would love nothing more than to have a set of sheets for our bed made using my Nightfall fabrics. Wouldn't that be dreamy? These designs are so perfect for bedding and I've already figured out the math for making a custom queen size set! When the advanced yardage that I receive as a fabric designer for AGF arrived, it was a sincere consideration. But these rolls are precious and with all the sewing I do each week, they seem to dwindle down so fast as it is. Since I couldn't commit to a sheet set just yet, I settled for the next best thing -- brand new Nightfall pillowcases!

A Nightfall Pillowcase Set

I love making pillowcases! Have you tried? It's incredibly simple and is such a great way to admire your favorite fabrics!

I've made dozens over the several years that I've been sewing, always using FITF's Pretty Quick Pillowcase tutorial, including French Seam instructions that result in a beautiful finish! By now I could probably make a pillowcase using this tutorial blindfolded, so I stuck with what I know to make the ones I'm sharing today. Still, I have to direct you all to the amazing tutorial kelbysews just shared for her own set of Nightfall pillowcases & matching pouch! Kelly used the Nightfall prints that were included in this month's Stash Builders Box, a subscription for makers that's delivered to your door each month including 3 yards of designer fabric, thread, a signature pencil, and an exclusive pattern -- how awesome is that! Below are the beautiful pillowcases Kelly made and her tutorial can be found right HERE!

kelbysews Nightfall Pillowcases

Kelly's work is such a beautiful example of how well both my Bird of Night owls and Moon Stories prints work for making pillowcases, so I decided to make my own this morning using different fabric variations, specifically to showcase my Magical Gust print in both colorways!

First up, Magical Gust in Fog + Aura Fletchings + Nox Iridescence Aglow - -

Nightfall Pillowcase Fabrics

I chose the creamy white colored Aurifil 50wt from my thread set to pair up with this collection of fabrics and it made such a pretty combination!

Stitched with Aurifil - cream

Nightfall Pillowcase in Magical Gust Fog

I love the Aura Fletchings as the pillowcase trim here, I think this print was the perfect choice to divide the main floral from the dragonfly accent fabric, I love it!

Nightfall Pillowcase #2

For the second pillowcase I used the other Magical Gust colorway in Crisp as the main fabric, my Labyrinthine in Dawn blender as the trim, and my Lunation in Bright moon phase print for the pillowcase cuff.  I chose a Jade thread color from my Aurifil set to use for the exposed stitching. I love the contrasting blueish green color against the yellow fabric and how visible it is this time!

Stitched with Aurifil - Jade

Visible Stitching

Pillowcase in Magical Gust Crisp

I made both of these pillowcases just this morning and would love to make a dozen more, mixing and matching my Nightfall prints all day long! These might just become my go-to Christmas gift this year, they're so much fun to make and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

A Nightfall Pillowcase Set

I really hope today's Nightfall Parade projects have inspired you, too!  ♡ Maureen


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  1. Oh I LOVE these. The top one (gray and peach) is my favorite. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  2. The colors in this line are to die for. Love love love. Only pleasant dreams could result sleeping on these pillowcases.

  3. I am so in love with your fabrics <3

  4. I really like the fabrics you put together for the pillow cases. Outstanding

  5. I love making pillowcases - immediate gratification and I get to enjoy my favorite fabrics each day. Will check out the tutorial you linked to for new tips. Thank you for the parade. I am enjoying it.

  6. Love those pillowcases!! That's the way I've been making mine, also. The edges and seams are so nice and clean. Your fabrics are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love these so much! Love homemade pillowcases and with your fabrics---so very beautiful!

  8. Oh that is inspiring. You never cease to amaze me. Maybe I will make some for my sister for Christmas with the bunnies. She loves that print. It reminds her of a book she reads with her kids...

  9. I love Nightfall-these pillow cases are divine!

  10. I love making pillow cases and yours are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the link ( somehow, the french seam slips my mind) and for your wonderful encouragement on this blog site tutorial. I am on my have a fantastic creative day!

  11. Bravo ! Votre blog est l'un des meilleurs que j'ai vu !
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  12. site bien fait !!! Merci pour ce magnifique partage !!! bonne continuation


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