Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Did this week go by fast for you, too? Holy smokes, it's Thursday already! I spent most of this short week's sewing time working on my Reverie Quilt tutorial and etsy orders, so today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos from the week -- just little happy things, new fabrics & thrifted goodness!

I started this Chalk & Paint fabric and Joie de Vivre alphabet panel patchwork banner for my Goddaughter Sylvia over the Summer, hoping to have it finished to display at her birthday party. Sadly, my little fat quarter of Bari's Joyeux Alphabet was missing the "V" I needed to make it happen. All these weeks later I finally have more of this gorgeous fabric and am finishing it up to pop in the mail! I'll share more in detail once it's complete and I'll definitely be making more of these Quick Quilt As You Go personalized banners, I may even add them in my Etsy as a custom order item. So cute!

Sewing with Joie de Vivre

Joie De Vivre

Patchwork Banner

Aren't these roses beautiful?! They smell amazing! Haila and I are both obsessed with having fresh flowers around. Most of the time we'll just pick them from the yard and nearby park, but occasionally we'll treat ourselves to a few grocery store bouquets to divide up for our rooms. I adore that we share a common love for pretty things & flowers!

Roses & Joie de Vivre

I recently discovered a new ribbon at Jo-Ann Fabrics that is my new favorite for drawstring bag making! It's a medium weight natural cotton with denim blue dots and I love it! I tried it out on a quick, new, little Nightfall pouch and it's the perfect size, weight, and color!

Cotton Ribbon for Drawstring Bags

QAYG Drawstring Pouch Making

New to the sewing room is a glorious, thrifted, old yellow metal ironing board! For just a $1.50 I couldn't pass it by. Of course I have no actual need for another ironing board, since I have two others and always just the one in use. But the color of this one... LOVE!

Heartland & Yellow Ironing Board

This pretty bundle of fabrics is Pat Bravo's brand new Heartland collection! The soothing colors and delicate prints are so dreamy, I can't wait to combine them with Nightfall for my next quilt! Hopefully I'll decide on a plan soon to have the start of something to share early next week!

Heartland Fabrics

Along with the new ironing board, I brought home several other goodies recently that I plan to blog more about soon! I wonder how many of you, like myself, love to go searching for treasures and will just decide that a little stoneware creamer dish is the perfect thing for holding those favorite pencils! Hehe!

Thrifted Stoneware

I'm guessing many of us share a love for these kind of things, too!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the QAYG Banner idea!!! Envious of all your pretty findings :) Just moved into my first HOUSE (rental of course) and am eager to make it boho-artsy-thrifty-esk, but funds are tight. Lovin the inspiration :)

    1. That's exciting!! Most of my belongings came from thrifting, it's just my style, and much more affordable! We rented for years before buying our first home just a few years ago. I know how frustrating it can be, but it's important to make it your own whether you own or rent. Enjoy it!!

  2. Hi Maureen! Your idea for the banner is super! That letter fabric is just gorgeus! So beautiful rosies and the yellow iron board can be like a side 'table' for lovely things, fabric bundles etc. It is fantastic! I think it's time for me to go to search something nice! x Teje
    Thank you for an idea, I think I need to paint my ironing board!

  3. letter fabric - great for the grandkids - I'm the gramma that always buys the educational toys

  4. the banner is such a great idea! the perfect gift really! my kids and I , we love the photo with the cat! utter cuteness:) I am just about to order some Nightfall to make the Reverie quilt!

  5. Love the alphabet banner, just gorgeous. Lucky little girl. Where did you get the floral pencils. They are so pretty.

    1. I LOVE my Rifle Paper Co pencils! You can get them on Amazon, here --

  6. My weakness for thrifting is pretty little saucers with no matching tea cup. I always have to bring one or two of them home from wherever. :)

  7. Really gorgeous, and the cat is lovely! :)

  8. Really gorgeous, and the cat is lovely! :)

  9. The colors in the material are beautiful and I love the block it is great.


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