Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall Stars : :

This week it's finally starting to feel like Fall, I've been busy cooking all our Fall favorites and stitching up a pile of star blocks combining my Nightfall fabrics with Pat's new Heartland collection. These scrappy stars are so addictive! What a pleasure it is to sew with my own fabrics and my dear friend's beautiful designs, I'm really enjoying this project!

This quilt, which I've already named my Nightland quilt, uses a selection of fabrics divided into two color grouping at a time, made into HSTs to create four large 18.5" unfinished blocks. I shared my pretty, peachy-pink stars on Tuesday, and today I wanted to pop in to share how those yellow & blue stars turned out, along with what colors I'm working with now!

Yellow & Blue Stars!

Once I sent this photo to my friend Sharon, I noticed my mistake. The center diamond that forms should be the blue prints, rather than the yellow. As well as the four corners, oops! I was playing around with color placement so much before I stitched my block units together that I must have flipped those around without noticing. I've decided I'm okay with it, and will just have to make it part of the design. It happens, right?

Yellow & Blue Stars!

I continued on, finishing up the four stars in Yellow & Blue, using the same HST placement for each, and now I've moved onto two new colors -- Peach & Aqua!

Next Up!

For this new block I was careful to copy my first star block layout, but if I decide I need to make four more I'll follow the yellow & blue stars to make an even amount of both block patterns. I think these new stars are my favorites so far, such sweet color & print combinations!

Peach & Aqua Stars!

I'm still unsure of how I want my quilt top to look, it's going to be fun coming up with a final layout! I hope to be back Monday with it all finished and photographed to share!

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  1. I call those moments, "Happy Accidents"
    Usually end up being meant to be :)

    1. PS: been obsessed with Navy & Mustard for a while now, but I'd have to agree with you on the Peach and Aqua! It's so sweet and pretty!

  2. I love the happy accident block, i wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it! And cannot decide which color combination I love most! Looking forward to seeing the finished top! It will be amazing for sure!


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