Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AGF Stash -- Observer : :

There's nothing that sparks my creativity more than a fresh bundle of fabric! When April Rhodes' new Observer collection first arrived earlier this month, I wasted no time turning those beauties into a new quilt top! Using big 18" squares of each Observer print and the "Eight At a Time" method for making eight half square triangles at once, I quickly had more than enough HSTs needed to create the quilt top I had sketched out, with plenty of 8" trimmed & ready-to-sew units leftover.

Observer Quilt Plans

Observer Quilt Making

From that first half yard bundle of Observer, all that remained was a pile of narrow strip scraps and a whole lotta HSTs. While I was trying to figure out a way to combine the leftover HSTs with these scraps, a commenter either here or on my Instagram mentioned what an amazing Diamond Weave Quilt this collection would make. Yes!! That idea was such a great one that my mind has been stuck there ever since! But, I'd need MORE Observer...

More for Diamond Weave quilt making.

Observer Love!

More for backing my first Observer quilt.

Observer Quilt Backing

More for Observer quilt bindings.

Observer Quilt Binding

And, even a little Observer canvas for pillow backings and an upholstery project I'm hoping to tackle soon.

Observer Canvas

I think these Observer fabrics will keep me busy for a little while, and I hope you're inspired by these amazing fabrics that are so inspiring me!

My kiddos head back to school this Thursday, so I'm not looking to find much sewing time until then. It's been a wonderful, fun, & busy Summer, but I have to say -- I'm really looking forward to the return of a routine schedule! Who's with me?

XO Maureen  


  1. Eager to hear what your upholstery project might be! I was able to snag a FREE electrical cable spool from work and plan to make an upholstered ottoman...
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this new line! You ever decide on a name for your first Observer fabric quilt?
    Happy sewing!

    1. It's a simple ottoman I want to recover and this print is perfect for my living room! It's funny you ask, I'm planning to use your suggestion of Diamond Trails!:)

    2. Eeekkk! I'm honored :) You MUST share pics of your ottoman :)

  2. Love this new line too! But I go back to school too , because I am teacher!!

  3. You know what they say ... More is More! lol

  4. My goodness this fabric is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you put together!

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  7. This fabric is awesome!!! Love the colors.

  8. This fabric is awesome!!! Love the colors.

  9. Cool blog you have here, I will check in often.

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