Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Scrap Happy : :

Late last night, as I attempted to straighten up my sewing room before heading off to bed, I noticed piles of scraps everywhere, again. It happens fast around here! Usually I bundle them up to destash, but last night I decided it was time to begin a simple quilt, using only scraps, right then and there!

Scrap Overflow

The fabrics are a mash-up of all the collections I've been working with lately. Artisan, Bound, Cultivate, with a few older project leftovers mixed in here and there. I'm using mostly 2.5 inch wide strips, cut to various lengths, joining them just as I did when making my recent scrappy pillow. I had mentioned when I shared that new pillow how much I'd love to make a quilt in this scrappy saw-tooth style and here I go!

Scrap Buster Quilt Beginning

I began by sewing two strips together, a neutral low volume print with one of the colorful scraps, the same way I do when making quilt binding, piecing each strip with a diagonal seam. Once I had enough strips sewn together, I sewed them to a panel of batting one after the other using my go-to quilt as you go method, staggering them to create a zig-zag like pattern.

Colorful Scraps

Low Volume Neutrals

Easy, fun, and I'll have a beautiful scrap-busting quilt at the end. The scraps are being used, and I am happy!

♡ Maureen


  1. I really love your scraps! :) Great idea how to use them. J.

  2. I've made your chevron qayg quilt. This looks great, I may need to try this.

  3. Gorgeous and a brilliant way to get ahead of scraps!

  4. I love your QAYG projects-especially the scrappy ones!

  5. You are so creative I love everything you make!

  6. Scrap quilts are always fun in my opinion. I adore the project and your quilt as you go method. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  7. I love the way this is turning out! All these collections blend together so beautifully!

  8. Oh I love this. I have a bunch of hand me down 2 1/2 inch strips. I have a couple of questions though. I'm just starting back into quilting after a 15 year hiatus so I'm a little behind the times.
    Your piece looks narrow so I'm thinking that you'll be adding more rows. With the batting already attached how do you sew rows together?
    When you stitch them to the batting, when would you add your backing fabric?
    I'm so glad quilting has gotten more modern looking or I doubt I'd have started doing it again.
    Thank you in advance for answering

  9. Fantastic idea! I'd never have thought to join the strips as per making binding, what a great idea!

  10. Love this idea - I really need to address some scraps here!!

  11. I'm curious, Maureen. When you purchase your fabric how much yardage do you typically buy? Were these lines typical of your normal purchases or did you buy more than usual of these ones? And do you buy the same number of yards for every print in a line or only your favourites? I love all your quilts Maureen. They're great inspiration!

  12. Awesome! I've never tried the quilt-as-you-go method, but would like to try it!

  13. This collection is very creative, create beautiful collections more


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