Thursday, March 19, 2015

This Week's Beginning : :

As quilt making goes, beginning will always be my very favorite! Do you have a favorite part? Aw, it's just so much fun for me. For each new bundle I have so many ideas, and these days not a lot of time, so I don't over-think it, I just have to start!

During these past two days, in-between my Etsy orders, working on that Criss Cross Diamond QAYG tutorial..

Stack & Whack -- working on my Criss Cross Diamond Quilt Block tutorial!

And, early morning binding sessions..

Morning Binding

I started something new!

Using the Monthly Sparks bundle I created for Fabric Spark, including their in-stock Wild & Free, Art Gallery blenders, and a few Cotton + Steel prints...

My Monthly Sparks February Bundle 2

With more complementing blenders from my stash, more Wild & Free, and more Wanderer!

Quilt Beginnings!

When I look at these bright, fresh colors I see Summer, terracotta pots filled with Geraniums, Marigolds, Impatiens, and Salvia. They all look so beautiful together!

Flying Geese Asembly Line!

Colorful Geese Beginnings

Looking at last night's work this morning, those thoughts of colorful Summer annuals and days must have inspired my current layout, my pattern looks to reflect that!

Summery Quilt Beginnings!

And, I'm loving this beginning!  ♡ Maureen 


  1. inspiring.. I havent cut into my bundle yet

  2. Finishing is my favorite part, HA! I struggle in the beginning every time!

  3. Really pretty colors here!

  4. I really like your design. Do you use a computer program?

    1. No program or plan for this one. I just knew I wanted to make flying geese to start with because I just started binge watching a new show, haha, and wanted to stay at my machine chain piecing for as long as possible! :)

      Rather than starting with a center piece and growing outward, I approached this one the opposite, working my inward. It's all just random piecing! My favorite!!

  5. Have fun playing with them.Happy sewing!

  6. You are amazing! I love your work.

  7. I love that your instinct is to just start! I often get stuck just shy of starting because I'm worried I'll regret cutting up a beautiful piece of fabric.

  8. I love what you have chosen to put together. It has a scrappy, but coordinated look. I think I love pulling the fabrics together for the start of a project and then the cutting and piecing. Love to cut!

  9. Luv the bright colors. What technique do you use for flying geese? I struggle with them sometimes.


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