Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Diamond Strings Quilt in Gramercy : :

GramDiamond Strings QAYG in Gramercyercy Diamond Strings 1
Last evening, just before the sun was beginning to settle, we finally found a moment to take my new Diamond String quilt out for picture taking! With each newly finished quilt my husband suggests this beautiful waterwheel that he passes often on his runs, but I've been holding out for a quilt that just seemed to fit this special place. A quilt made in a certain style that worked or in a pattern that mimics the shape of it's parts, but as we drove in that direction I decided, for no reason at all, that this quilt was it!

Waterwheel + Quilt
This quilt is made up of a large variety of AGF Pure Element solids and Leah Duncan's Gramery collection, a unique combination of modern geometric and sweet floral prints, with a contrasting palette of strong black and earthy browns paired with happy yellows, blush, and azure. I love it all!

Gramercy Plans! This Diamod Strings quilt design is a quick & simple modified version of my Herringbone QAYG pattern, in rectangle blocks measuring 10" x 18" rather than long quilt as you go panels. After finishing the quilted quilt top I attached the backing by sewing about a 1/2" from each vertical and horizontal seem using a bold Aurifil 50wt in black, a first for me!

Diamond Strings QAYG Blocks
For my backing I chose one of my most favorite Gramercy prints, Leah's Brooklyn Bridge in Flare. It's so striking!

Backed in Booklyn Bridge
I do think my most favorite part of this quilt just might be my binding, a bright Canary yellow Pure Elements solid!

Diamond Strings QAYG in GramercyBound in Canary You can find many Gramercy prints still available at Pink Castle Fabrics, Fat Quarter Shop, Stash Fabrics, Llama Fabrics, The Intrepid Thread, and Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory!

♡ Maureen   


  1. Stunning! As always. I love the movement it creates.

  2. its so happy to hear that your husband very supportive for every craft you make, Maureen ... he even help to find a perfect place to take picture of your beauty ... not to forget that your quilt is amazing too..

  3. Beautiful and you found the perfect place to take your pictures.

  4. It's a cool mix of colours and prints! I love it in combination with the Diamond String pattern :-)
    Best regards,

  5. What a stunning quilt! I love love how this turned out! And that does look like a perfect background to take quilty shots!

  6. I love your quilt and I think the colors in the waterwheel and the stripes on the spokes are perfect with your quilt.

  7. Maureen , Gramercy is absolutely perfect for a Diamond Strings quilt. I have some fat quarters in that collection...hmmm, you've given me some fabulous inspiration! You are truly talented, and congrats on your first: using the bold Aurifil 50wt in Black.(I'm still shy in that respect) It's a stunner! The waterwheel is an audacious prop, tell your hubby he did good:)

  8. It's beautiful and your photos are as always! Hope you are feeling ok Maureen! <3

  9. Awesome! You do such interesting work with patterns and color. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Maureen, this is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Love it Maureen! The setting your photographs are taken in is just beautiful too!

  12. Absolutely stunning!!! I love the gramercy line and I would love to make something similar ;-) Especially your yellow binding stands out and I just love it.
    How much yardage do you think approximately I should buy per solid in regards to a) the endings and b) the strips and c) the binding?? Thanks for sharing your work Maureen you are so talented!

  13. I would never have thought to use yellow as the binding, but it is perfect! Love the pictures!

  14. This quilt is fabulous, is it done in the same method as your QAYG ? The colors are perfect!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I look forward to seeing what you've created, and I've never been disappointed. Your work is outstanding!

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