Thursday, February 5, 2015

New : :

There's been a lot of new this week!

New fabrics from Fabric Spark! Here we have my curated February bundle for the Monthly Sparks Club, a Fabric Spark exclusive club where members receive a beautiful new bundle each month including twelve unique fat quarters chosen by myself, Very Shannon, Fresh Lemons, Blue Elephant Stitches, Modern Sewciety + The Tattooed Quilter, and Thread Riding Hood. My picks feature several prints from of my own Wild & Free collection along with a few of my favorite Cotton & Steel offerings from the Fabric Spark shop!

My Monthly Sparks February Bundle

My Monthly Sparks February Bundle 2

A new fabric pull for a quick-make pillow project! I've had this idea to make triple striped geese for weeks now rolling around in my head, I even wrote out the math for a quick, no waste method. This week I chose fabrics in a color scheme inspired by one of my favorite Fossil pouches and late last night I tried out my plan with happy results! I hope to offer this new pillow in my upcoming sale!

Fossil Inspired

Stripey Geese

Triple Striped Geese Pillow

And, I finished up my newest Diamond Strings quilt-as-you-go quilt top! I shared in my last post that I was indecisive as to which solid(s) to use for finishing. In the end I went with a Patina Green, Icy Mint, and Peach Sherbet combination that I. am. loving!

Pure Elements

Today, I'm making plans for the bundle of April Rhodes' brand new Wanderer collection that just arrived at my door!

Wanderer LOVE!

Happy sewing! ♡ Maureen 


  1. Love these new fabrics....

  2. Great pillow and great color choices on the quilt. It gave both of them a really nice modern edge to them. I wish I had that creativity, but hopefully I'm learning :)

  3. Your pillow is wonderful! I always love how your designs come out. And those colors finishing off your QAYG are perfect!

  4. Love the fabrics and some of the projects. I love stash busters, but I can't get into the string look blocks. I find your blog inspiring for me.

  5. I love all your work. Each time it is something new to think about, plan for. Thank you for so generously sharing your ideas.

  6. That pillow is fabulous. Love!

  7. You passed me up I got to sew
    love the pillow and quilt

  8. I am becoming more and more concerned about the constant downsizing of fabric. I'm sick of fat quarters--and now more and more fabric is being offered up in smaller and smaller cuts. Packs of
    2 1/2 in squares, jelly rolls, fat-eighths--and on and on. I encourage your readers do to the math on what these small cuts ending up costing on a per yard calculation. It is really expensive.
    As a pre-washer, these small cuts only get smaller. These small cuts are okay for the occasional pillow but in a full-size quilt there is often not enough to provide repetition in design. I would like to see more 1/2 yard cuts and to encourage quilters to think about larger cuts.

  9. When you were in a quandary as too what fabric to use to
    finish the quilt I had chosen the patine green and the peach
    serbert, didn't think of a third. It's stunning and in so short a
    Love the cushion, I sat and in my mind was going she got
    that from that fabric and that from that fabric etc.

    I love your blogs. The one covering the week challenge, if I
    can call it that was super, I took every piece of info.
    Thank you for sharing your passion for quilting with us

    pat xx

  10. You make the cutest things. I love that cushion.


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