Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fox Pillow Making : :

This morning I have three fox pillow orders to finish to ship out later today. I really do love making these applique pillows, you can always find them made to order in my little etsy shop!

Fox Pillow in Aqua

While the pale aqua and orange fox pillow combo is by far the most popular, I love it when a customer requests a different color combo or a little extra added embellishment like this dapper tie!

Mr. Fox Cuteness

Or a sweet lady fox with a purple bow!

Sweet Lady Fox

Red Fox // Purple Bow

After finishing up each felt pillow front, I audition fabrics for my pillow backings. This time I was able to use up some large, quilted patchwork scraps for one, and settled on my Folk Plaid print for Mr. Fox and a cute polka-dot from my stash for the missus.

Quilted Patchwork Pillow Back

Pllow Back Fabric

These fun pillows make such a nice break from all the quilt work and birthday crown making!

Three Little Foxes

Now my busy week of sewing is finally off to a good start! How about you, what are you working on this week?
♡ Maureen   


  1. Where do you get your wool felt? It is so vibrant and looks durable. Thanks for the daily inspiration!!

    1. I buy large quantities wholesale and typically offer it in a large variety of colors in my Etsy shop, but I won't be restocking for a few weeks yet.

  2. Wow, these are adorable. Love them.

  3. LOVE your fox cushions!! I have actually started cutting fabric for a "Fancy Fox" quilt. I am so excited :) Smiles from South Africa!

  4. What kind of felt do you use?

  5. Made PJs for two of my grandkids. I'm headed to TEXAS to put in the elastic and hem them. How's that for a Grandma? Fly from CA to Texas to fit pjs!!


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