Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fabric Inspiration : :

Gramercy: Brooklyn Bridge in Flare for my newest Diamond Strings Quilt backing!

Grammercy Quilt Backing

Etno: Pat Bravo's newest collection that I LOVE!! I need more! ♡

Etno ♡

Etno & Pure Elements

Recollection: This perfect bundle from Llama Fabrics! Such lovely slices of color!!

Recollection ♡

Color ♡

Today is for project planning, as I sort through the zillion ideas of how I'd love to play with all this pretty, pretty stuff! As you can see, these new bundles are just gorgeous and I can't think of a single pattern that they wouldn't work well for! As I thumb through each print, it's the beautiful color palettes of these collections that I'm finding most inspiring!

Hope you're inspired, too! ♡ Maureen 


  1. Such beautiful fabrics! Good luck picking just one pattern!

  2. Definitely inspired by all these beauties. Now to pick a pattern.

  3. Can you Love fabric? I love colors and these are sure pretty!

  4. I'm sure your artistic mind is ticking over with
    the many patterns this lovely bundle of fabric
    can conjure up xx

  5. Lovely slices of color...I love that! It's a perfect description.

  6. Nice post I liked the collection and the way you described it. Check the latest trend of Handbags in Dubai


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