Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Color Spectrum Beginning : :

The idea for this quilt started on Monday when I pulled this colorful stack of fabrics. Such a happy collection made up of Wild & Free, AGF's new Prisma Elements minus Onyx and Sunstone, Bari J.'s new Petal & Plume feather prints, and the rest were picked from my AGF stash and added to the stack just as long as they looked pretty!

Wild & Free and...

Color Spectrum Begnning

I'm hoping to turn this bundle into two quilts. One will be a quilt-as-you-go in the style of my Endless Summer quilt, but for the second I had a hard time deciding on a pattern I liked. I quickly sketched out a few ideas, kept rearranging the pile, and continued sketching. Since each of my designs included flying geese, I decided to just begin. I knew it would be colorful, that I wanted to go super scrappy, and to incorporate solids & geese. Since my Luminous Field print was the starting point of this bundle, I decided to start there!

Color Spectrum Beginning

Using both my favorite Half Square Triangle method for making eight a time and some speedy strip piecing, my colorful quilt began to grow quickly!

Patchworking the Rainbow

After this third row I decided I'm definitely sticking with this design! Like my Scrappy Bear Paw wip, this won't be a quickie quilt. The many rows of tiny 2.5" squares and HST units will take some time.


But I think with each finished row it will be so exciting to see a colorful, solid geese emerge one by one in each corner!

Happy sewing!!  ♡ Maureen    


  1. LOVE~LOVE~LOVE!!!! Can not wait to see all the colors!

  2. Where can I find your favorite half square triangle method??

    1. I'll put together a quick tutorial to share! Thanks Linda!

  3. I love it. It's colourful and I like the formation the
    wild geese are taking. I would like to see you do
    some strips and placing and sewing, so I can
    learn from you.
    Cant wait until we can see more xxcc

    1. Thank you! I do need to be better about taking photographs as I work to share in my posts. I used to be, but as I've gotten more into quilt work I've taken on the habit of working too quickly. I'm just so excited to see my ideas come together!

  4. Great colors. I think it's always interesting to see how the finished block compares with the initial sketches/idea.

  5. I can understand your excitment, especially with the
    array of colours you have to work with. I look forward
    to the next pictures of your "scrappy quilt" x

  6. I can picture it. Can't wait to see it!


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