Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Folk Plaid Pillow : :

Thanks for all the Scrappy Bear Paw love here, on facebook, and on my Instagram, I'm really hoping to squeeze in one more block today! Since that particular quilt plan may take a little while for me to finish, I decided it was okay to jump projects to a quick finish. Don't you love how making a quick pillow cover can give you that sense of gratification and quilty fulfillment? I do!

Folk Plaid Quilted Pillow

This one began with a square cut of my Folk Plaid print, simply quilted following the 1" grid of my buffalo check pattern to two layers of cozy batting!

1 inch grid quilting

The combination of all those happy reds with that little pop of Folk Plaid blue in my bear paw block reminded me of the extra long roll of Denyse Schmidt's Complex Plaid in Maple binding I had made for my You & Me Quilt.

Plaid Inspired

Bound in Plaid

I pulled what was left of it and a half yard of AGF's Squared Elements in Red from my stash for my pillow back. I love how these plaids look together and how this pillow matches my quilt block!


Backed in Red

I'm planning to pop this new pillow in my etsy shop to offer soon, along with many other Wild & Free makes I hope to create this year. But for now, I better get back to working on that matching quilt, Lily's waiting for me!

Red & Lily

♡ Maureen      


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart!

    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons Disease.


  2. Your cat is so beautiful!

  3. Great use of prints, simple but oh so cute!!

  4. I love the cushions. The fabric is so wonderful.
    Simplicity is always best because it says more x

  5. I love how the binding sets it off, front and back.

  6. Love it! And Miss Lily is so pretty :)

  7. Love this pillow. Beautiful fabric selection.

  8. you have such a great eye for pairing fabrics

  9. Simple projects are such fun! Loving that Bear Paw & Miss Lily!!

  10. LOVE that PILLOW! seriously! :)

  11. Love the pillow! Pretty cat too!:)

  12. Lilly is gorgeous and pillow is cute. I'm getting ready to close my business facebook page will your posts automatically go to my personal page? I want to keep following you.

  13. Oh my gosh, Lilly is so beautiful. It looks like she knows it, too! :)


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