Monday, August 4, 2014

Fox Pillow Morning : :

Fox Pillow Set

This morning I had four fox pillow orders to make to ship out later today. I really do love making these and someday hope to make a whole mess of them to offer ready-made in my little etsy shop!

Fox Applique

These pale aqua and orange fox pillows are by far the most requested, so I love it when a customer requests a different color combo or a little extra added embellishment like this King fox!

Aqua with Orange

King Fox

After finishing up each appliqued pillow front I auditioned fabric backings and settled on the colorful Cloud9 Fabrics organic, quilter's weight Enchanted collection By !

Enchanted -- Cloud9 Fabrics!

I pulled out two of my favorite prints and love the way these turned out!

Enchanted Fabric Backings

Coud9 Fabrics' Enchanted

My busy week of sewing is off to a great start! How about you, what are you working on this week?



  1. I am working on a HST baby quilt and a twin quilt housewarming. I'm trying to decide whether to put all the late nights in to finish an entry to road to California. Have you ever entered a quilt show? After a few tries and not being accepted, it's getting harder to put my work out there. Especially when I don't know why they didn't like it. But I guess the only way is forward an keep trying

  2. I'm working on a customer order for some baby bibs. I really want to start a new quilt, but we're leaving in less than 2 weeks to drive my son from Texas to Michigan for his freshman year of college. So I'm going to have to put off a new quilt until we return home. That will give me something to look forward to and keep me from missing my 'baby' so much!

  3. Those are adorable! I'm actually preparing this week to be on vacation next week, so am working on a birthday gift for my son but nothing else major until I get home.

  4. These are absolutely adorable and very modern at the same time of going with the "old Mother Goose story book" type of theme. Love it!

  5. Love the wee one with the crown :oD

  6. Hope this comment "takes." Anyway, love your cute pillows and the fabric. Thanks for the chace to win.

  7. I love your fox pillows! I'm trying to finish up a wedding quilt this week - just waiting for the backing fabric to arrive. Thanks!

  8. How absolutely gorgeous. Love those foxes.

  9. fun foxes! great colors and patterns!

  10. Love these Maureen and I can't wait to see your AG fabric line :)

  11. Your fox pillows are sew darn cute! I'm working on a red & white quilt I started last week at a Mystery quilt class offered by our local community college.

  12. Cute little fox king! I bought that entire line of fabric! My daughter loves Phoenixes and even though the birds are ravens they have a Phoenix quality.

    I'm making my middle daughter the fancy fox quilt for her birthday. Do you still take orders for those pillows? One of your pillows would be so cute with it! What is the pillow size? I remember looking at them a few years ago--are they 12 inch size? Would you make a bigger custom one?

  13. Your fox pillows are truly adorable! I have been working on some Book Week costumes for two of my kids. And then it is back to my laboriously slow Star Wars bed quilt!


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