Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to Busy : :

Pressing quilts for picture taking at the beach!

Along with my Friendship Diamond quilt I had also planned to have Field Day quilt top photos to share with you all last week, but the strong winds that blow across the ocean and up the beach made it impossible for me to catch the lovely photos of my newly finished, delicate scrappy hourglass quilt top that I had envisioned. That glowing light illuminating each piece of patchwork that I had so hoped to catch again, this time at the shore, was nearly all blocked out by my sweet quilt holder husband's silhouette. Returning home to Pennsylvania, although wonderful, the gloomy overcast is still putting my plans on hold. So, it back to work for me today as I wait to take my pictures. I have lots of felt and fabric to order, etsy business to handle, a few mid-progress projects I'm eager to get back to, and lots of new ideas!

Wising you all a wonderful beginning to this new week!



  1. Such lovely quilts! I am hoping you'll have an hourglass pattern available for us to buy! Eager to try my hand at this one.

  2. Just from what can be seen, it turned out beautifully.

  3. So, have you got one of the new mesh type ironing boards, or is yours metal? I have an old metal one that is slightly rusted. I covered up all the rust with padding and a new cover. I've been reluctant to invest in a new one because all I see are the "boards" made of a frame with some kind of mesh webbing across them. I'd really like some opinions.

  4. What see in the pictures are pretty

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