Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today's Plan : :

Back before we moved into our home, I shared a little post with some ideas we had for our daughter's room. Since then, with the help of Santa, some of the items on her wishlist have been crossed off, others just wouldn't work, and some things are just waiting to be made -- yay for me!

Stacked Pillows

The Canopy Play Home has ended up being the biggest hit! Along with a high stack of pretty floor cushions. It is rather large and pretty dreamy with the addition of some twinkling lights, and she has even slept in it twice now!

Princess Canopy

The Enchanted Forest Mural totally wouldn't work, the dimensions were all wrong for the wall we had in mind. That's the thing about making plans for a home you don't own or live in yet -- measuring before planning is key! So, that was a bit of a bummer, but leaves an opportunity for some fun sewing!

First on my list -- a new curtain!

Window -- needs curtains

Her room is pretty little in size and is so super girly, with a bit of a Princess & the Pea theme happening, just like her recent party.

Princess & the Pea

There's lots of color, mostly brights, but really anything goes!

Fun Scalloped Sham

For the curtains I would personally love to add in some applique and maybe some scalloping, similar to the that on this sham and her canopy?

We looked through my stash last night for some fabrics and she chose this LillyBelle print, which would work perfectly. So, I'm planning to use it on one side of the curtain, but want to have some fun, improv sewing time while stitching up the other!

Applique & Lily

I think our own Lily agrees, just as long as I get a move on it! This happens to be her most favorite room, as well, and I'm pretty sure that all the light coming through this curtain-less window is a problem for her.


Plus, I need to get busy crossing some much needed things off of my list before I'm busy making my crowns full-time! The orders have been really coming in this week and I wasn't expecting it at all.  My felt won't be here for a few days yet, yikes!

Back to Crown Making

I'll be back soon with a finished curtain to share and some handmade holiday gifts that I've been meaning to share, as well! Until then -- Happy Sewing! , Maureen


  1. You do such beautiful work and so talented. I admire your ability.

  2. Can't wait to see that curtain! Congrats on the crown business picking up!

  3. You are so talented. I love your beautiful cat

  4. Oh, pretty Lily. I'm not surprised she loves the sunny room. That canopy is fabulous! I would have loved to have something like that for myself! Glad the crown orders are coming in strong!

  5. Oh, what a lovely room for a little girl and her cat! Those cushions and the canopy are wonderful!
    Glad that you're feeling better, enough to do some decorating!

  6. Beautiful things and such a gorgeous cat, too!

  7. That canopy, the pillows, the quilt...Such a pretty room!!

  8. Ooh, looking great so far, and i think the cat is eyeing up that butterfly for a fight ;o)

  9. It looks like every little girls dream room! I'm looking forward to seeing the curtains you make!

  10. So beautiful! We just moved into a new house as well back in June. I had big plans for my 4 year old daughter's room but a week later we welcomed our baby boy to the world so the plans went on hold. Now that he is 6 months old I'm ready to get moving on it. We are doing a mermaid themed room with the Sarah Jane Out To Sea fabric line as inspiration. The fabric just arrived and I can't wait to get started. Definitely pinning this post for some inspiration along the way. :)

  11. It all looks so pretty :)

    Decorating is so much fun and it is always awesome when our kids know what they want and can help choose items to go in their rooms to make it their own special space and individually unique too! :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  12. Maureen, everything looks so beautiful and sweet! Your cat is super cute and I love the quilt with flying butterfly! x Teje

  13. What a gorgeous room! I need to make a few things for my little girls room (including updating the super daggy curtains) so I'll be watching with interest :o)

  14. Such a lovely bed! As the mural won't work, perhaps you could come up with one of those 'flannel boards'....a nice bulletin board sized one with a trees & animal cut-outs to rearrange as she wishes. *waves to Lily*

  15. What a gorgeous bedroom . I love the canopy . So pretty , fit for a princess indeed . Pity about the forest mural ....could you cut it up and use it scattered in parts on the walls . ( I pinned that mural when I went to look at it .) it would have been perfect for this room . You've done a fantastic job of decorating your home .

  16. Haila's room looks lovely already! I can't believe how quickly you got settled?! Well done! =D

  17. great inspiration :) I have three little girl rooms to decorate in Feb once we move in to our new place. It's going to be such fun. Looking forward to using the first of our birthday crowns next week.

  18. Hi Maureen,

    Maybe you want to try the princess castle wall stickers from Paper House Productions. They have a mini mural http://www.paperhouseproductions.com/shop/home-decors/home-decor-all-wall-art-5/princess-mini-mural.html
    and a princess applique with tons of princess-y accessories http://www.paperhouseproductions.com/shop/home-decors/home-decor-all-wall-art-5/princess-applique.html.

    I so love these wall stickers...easy to apply and easy to remove if needed. My mom works for the company so she gave a set to Sunshine for her birthday. We had to put them up immediately and she absolutely loves them! It finishes off her purple and pink princess room perfectly.

  19. lily is so beautiful!!! and i love that canopy so much! i want one for my own bed! im glad you are getting so many crown orders! i bet you are able to sew them with your eyes closed at this point! ;)


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