Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Show & Tell : :

Staring at pretty new fabric and dreaming about what they might become is one of those simple things that just makes me feel better. I'm sure the same goes for you! So today, I thought I'd have a little show and tell of the lovely, new fabric stacks that have me doing just that!

Have you seen Floressence?

Pretty Floressence

This collection by Art Gallery Fabrics comes in two colorways -- Luminescent Palette and Magnificent Palette. Both are full of colorful blues and pinks, which is how I have them divided in my own photos.

Floressence Blues

I am usually not a "bright pink girl" but these I love, love, love! They're gorgeous!!

Floressence Pinks

I just stashed a few of the new Art Gallery Voile, as well. I think that these combined with some cozy off-white flannel will make the perfect new Winter Scarf for ME!

AGF Voile

Splendor 1920 by Bari J. is another new, beautiful collection full of amazing colors and prints. I used a little of them on a new set of Pillow Shams recently, and am definitely saving the English Garden Floral prints to make something for my Mom.

Splendor 1920 by Bari J.

I just received this fun stack of Riley Blake Cotton Dots yesterday for my next Design Team project. Something for my boys perhaps?!

Riley Blake Dots

I still have quite a few orders to catch up on before I can finish my new tutorial. Writing them out sometimes takes me forever and I just haven't found the time with so much going on right now. I'm really hoping this cold leaves me quickly and I have my energy back! If it were possible to overdose on Gypsy Cold Care and Lemon Mint Sugar Free Ricola, I definitely would have! :)

I hope you enjoy my little fabric show and tell today!! Take care! Maureen
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  1. Oh you lucky lucky girl to get new stash like that, it's more fabric than I have in my whole stash now!! Fabric is super expensive here in South Africa!! :(

    1. Rene, I do feel spoiled by Art Gallery!! It's amazing to be working with them and RBD, but of course I feel a little shy to share my fabrics from them, too. Hopefully no one will hate me for it! LOL Today, I just couldn't think of blogging anything else, all these fabrics are so pretty and just make me happy!

      I have been noticing quite a lot of coupon codes and discounts available for International shipping lately. Have you ever seen them or made use of them? I know that the Fat Quarter Shop is currently offering a discount. You can see the info on my sidebar at the bottom right. :)

  2. Loved your fabric show and tell. Wish I could zap you some chicken soup and a box of tissues. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. It's dark and gloomy here today and your show and tell just brightened my day! Take care of yourself and get well! XO

  4. So, so pretty! I needed a fabric pick-me-up today with the rainy gloomy weather here!

  5. Those are great, Maureen!

    I have a question for you. How do you build up your stash? I only recently started quilting, so my stash is from fabric I bought to make clothes for my daughter or more recently, fabric for the dolls I make. I love bright, fun, colorful fabrics. But, now that I'm starting to do more quilting, I am finding much more difficult to build up a stash. I recently purchased a fat quarter bundle that I really love, but using just that one line, my quilt top seems a bit too homogeneous for my liking. I am always drawn to bright, bold patterns and solids...LOVE solids.

    I am participating in a QAL that focuses on values. I'm really enjoying it because I'm learning so much. But, when I went to the fabric store to choose my fabrics, it was really hard! I ended up with mostly solids and I know I will love them together. I would like to venture out a bit from my "solid, bold fabrics" comfort zone.

    How do you recommend building a stash?

    And...I am sorry you aren't feeling well! If you like to cook at all, here is a GREAT recipe for "Chloe's Virus Killing Soup". Might be just the thing you need. :)

    1. First, I actually did make myself some soup this afternoon after I finished up a few more orders. I made Broccoli Cheese, modified from this recipe -

      I looked up the recipe link you suggested and that sounds so good and safe for me to eat, too! Thanks!!

      As far as stash building goes, I am just the opposite. I have spent the last two years stashing mostly prints, with no real method other than "yup, I love it!" I was not at all good about stashing solids, and now I am slowly building up that stash now. Once I started making bee blocks, I realized how needed and useful a solid stash is. I think that organizing your fabrics by color is super helpful, too. I can see right away what colors I have way too many of, and what not enough. When I move into the new house and studio, I plan to share in more detail how I hope to organize. :)

  6. I hear you on all counts especially getting over a head cold and the benefits of Gypsy Cold Care tea...great stuff. Feel better soon!

  7. Everything is so pretty! You certainly are lucky to be able to have such beautiful fabrics to sew with. Art Gallery is coming out with so many fabulous collections lately that it is impossible to keep up! I haven't seen any of these yet, they must be brand new?

    1. It's even hard for me to keep up!! I am truly loving everything, as well! I have looked through all the collections on their website, so many times, and Floressence still snuck up on me. It was when Jeni(In Color Order) shared it on her blog a few weeks ago that I was like "WOW!!" the colors are just so brilliantly bright and beautiful! I had to have it. Plus, I love the mix of dainty, sweet florals with modern geometrics!

  8. Fabric makes me smile and Art Gallery makes me smile bigger. Thank you for sharing. I could almost feel it.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Darn it Maureen ~ I keep telling myself this is it ~ no more fabric. I just love Luminescent and Magnificent and they have fat quarter packs at Hawthorne Fabrics. These may be a 'I have to have' thing.
    Thanks so much for sharing all this beautiful inspiration! Plus, looking forward to whatever tutorial you'll be doing!

  10. Beautiful fabrics! You've got different ones and seeing them made me smile too! I've been loving juggling Summer lately, and had some good color therapy looking at my Rhapsodia plus bundle., but that floressence is just scrumptious! Go light on that gypsy cold care-- don't you get jittery from a lot of it? Feel better!

  11. I really love Bari's new line. And Floressence, too! I finished my Painted Portrait Blouse in Indie, and I definitely want some more Art Gallery for another top!

  12. Love the fabric-- looking at such pretty photos always makes the day better!
    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  13. My best treatment for a cold is Zicam oral spray> when you just feel a cold starting up, spray it in your mouth every few hours. It is the only thing that WORKS!!! It is the best stuff in the world, cause if you are faithful in taking it right at first, the cold goes away: worth it's weight in gold!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!! :-)

  14. i did love this show and tell. bari j is amazing. i love her new line. gorgeous! and i hadn't seen floressence. love it also! i am in love with art gallery. so so gorgeous, so so soo soft!

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