Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Better : :

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments yesterday, that really meant so much! I have been wanting to share a few personal things for awhile now, but with all the making I've been doing, I haven't felt like there has been much time for me to get any those things out. Today, I thought I'd take the time to share just a  little.

My girl

Yesterday I had every intention of doing...well, nothing. Which didn't last long. We built a pillow fort and watched a movie and by 10:30 we were both so ready to do something else. Naturally, we headed to the sewing room, this time to have ourselves a little photo shoot. I had made my little girl a new, quick and easy cross-body bag over the weekend and decided I should get those pictures sooner rather than later after imagining her filling it with popcorn and deciding the birdie applique needed chap-stick. You never know!

Birdie Bag

Even though we were in my studio, since I had declared I was taking the day off, I didn't let a rush of all the things I needed to be doing come at me. I simply started taking pictures, which did lead to finishing a few orders, which led to this and then that...we had so much fun! I had forgotten that when I woke up this morning sore, still tired, with an eye half swollen shut, that I had felt defeated, like throwing my hands in the air and giving up.

I felt better.

Goofy girl

So many of you have reached out to me privately over the weeks since my sharing post, to make sure I have been feeling well and to share your own stories with me, which has been so nice! I am still not sure how to discuss or even deal with the ups and downs that come with having overlapping auto immune diseases. I often think that you might want to hear it, but then I decide that you really don't -- trust me. No more than I want to think about it and write it all down. While I'm sewing, I'm wishing it all away. While I sew, most of the time I don't even think about any of it. I'm focused on creating something beautiful, which makes me feel wonderful in a way that is far greater than any bad things I might be dealing with. That's the truth!

braided handle

Later in the day yesterday, when our boys were home from school, we had a chat about the passing of Maurice Sendak. My kids were genuinely sad. I had remembered an amazing documentary I saw on him and went searching for some clips, and I found this video. It was the most perfect thing I could have heard yesterday. I can't stop thinking about his words and how deeply I connect with them,

"it is sublime
to just go into another room and make pictures
it's magic time
where all your weaknesses of character
and all the blemishes of personality
and whatever else torments you
fades away
it just doesn't matter
you're doing the one thing you want to do
and you do it well
and you know you do it well and...
you're happy"

My girl

There are so many reasons to be cheerful!


  1. Just beautiful. Thank you! There is something about taking photos that helps me focus in on the beauty around me. xxx

  2. xoxo. you are exactly right! and i can't believe how adorable your little girl is! i bet is hard to not been cheerful when she is around!

  3. Thanks for sharing that beautiful quote -- it was just what I needed to cheer up a dear friend today.

  4. Just beautiful! Thank you Maureen!! =D

  5. I'm glad you had such a great and revivifying day and that you decided to share these wonderful pics with us. Best, as always. x

  6. We watched that video too - so perfect (although it did make me laugh a little that he mentioned how much he loved and missed his DOG before his partner of 50 years). Glad you were able to have some fun yesterday and feel better!

  7. Great post, i'm glad you're feeling better, continue to make sure you take you time - I often worry is this "hobby" of mine ever becomes a "job" or a source of income (however small) i'll start to lose my love for it.. don't let that happen! you're FAR too talented! :)

  8. I'm so glad you are feeling better, of course seeing your adorable little one with her new bag on her head how could you not be feeling better! I struggle with just the one auto-immune disease every day and I cannot imagine what you go through with 2. I have never experienced something so scary that was so completely, entirely and utterly out of my control as this. Like you, I don't really share on my blog because, as I have said over there, it is my happy place. The place where nothing is wrong and I can just create and do with my little girl and I'm not sick. With an auto-immune disease I have come to learn there are good days and bad days, and I just have to be really grateful for the good ones. I'm so to hear you are feeling better today, praying you have more good days than bad ones.

  9. So I only started following your blog in February, and didn't see your original post. But, just read it now. Thank you so much for sharing. How encouraging to me. When I first met you I found out you had only been sewing and blogging for two years which was unbelievable to me, but now to see you do all that and are sick just flat out encourages me! I too have some serious health issues. In 2007 I got sick with a infection in my intestines, which also led to finding I had a serious blood clot and blood clotting disorder. It took 2 years of antibiotics to completely get rid of the infection. Since then I have about 2-3 annual week long trips to the hospital, and after going to over 6 specialists, trying to go gluten free, going completely dairy free, no one can tell me whats wrong with me. They just say its chronic and I will have whatever it is the rest of my life. Im only 24 so I have tried to just keep living a normal life, but the fact is no matter how hard I try it's just not normal! But I've been blessed to have 2 children even with my illness in fact oddly enough I get much better when I'm pregnant and nursing! So maybe I will just keep having kids haha. I have also been blessed to find sewing which has brought me much joy! I too am so thankful for the power of prayer. It's only in Gods strength I can press on each day! I am so thankful for my recent adventure into sewing and blogging, I have met so many wonderful people and am encouraged everyday! Thanks, Maureen! Hope you can continue to press on and I pray your illness will you a rest!

  10. Thanks for sharing the link to Maurice Sendak clip. You're right. His words are perfect, and how wonderful to know what makes you happy. I'm glad your day of "rest" turned out the way it did... (also perfect). Positive vibes are circling back your way! ~Maureen

  11. Great words today. I still have the little balloon picture on my desk that you posted a while back to remind me on my rough days that I need to just "let it go." It's good to do that sometimes. Praying for you as always.

  12. Thanks for the Sendak quote, Maureen! These words, " While I sew, most of the time I don't even think about any of it. I'm focused on creating something beautiful, which makes me feel wonderful in a way that is far greater than any bad things I might be dealing with. That's the truth!" really moved me. That is what takes me back to my workroom over and over again. Be well!

  13. Our dear Maureen, thank you. Once again you inspire me. You do need to take time for yourself and you children. You need to take time to heal. I know sewing is healing. My husband has a glycogen storage disease called McArdles disease which causes him chronic pain with muscle cramping all of the time. He does chainsaw carvings and I tell him to rest but he rests by doing what he loves, making things - creating. I suspect you are the same way. It seems to me that when you are not filling orders, you create for your family. You are a wonderful person. Autoimmune disease is a difficult disease but you have the love of your family and all of us. Take care of yourself and remember - we are here to listen when you need a shoulder.

  14. Love the bag, and it is particularly great as a hat. te he he;-)Great quote, thank you! I am passing it on.

  15. Dear Maureen, I hope you are better and relaxed yesterday, even I see you were sewing again! Fortunately sewing is relaxing for us and makes us forget difficulties and even illness. Every time I read your inspiring and happy posts, I remember that there is also the hard part behind. Thank you for giving us good example to be positive and enjoy our creative life! xxx Teje

  16. Thanks for sharing those beautiful word by Mr. Sendak! It's important to connect with that place in ourselves that feels purposeful and alive in what we do. :) I will be thinking about that as I go through the rest of my day. Take care!

  17. Love the bag and the photos are so fun, so glad you enjoyed your day :o)

  18. Your daughter is so precious! She makes a great model and what a cute handbag/hat! LOL! So glad you know what makes you many don't. It shows....your joy shows in your work...keep it up and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  19. this is beautiful Maureen!!!
    and your little princess is so precious!!!!
    and...of course...I looooove that little bag!!!!

  20. LOVE the bag and your daughter is just too cute! I'm glad you had a good day, even if you didn't exactly REST. My husband believes that sewing is therapeutic---He says I'm always calmer and happy when I'm playing with fabric. You remain on my prayer list. Hope you continue to feel better each day.

  21. Maureen, Iknow your husband has told uo to rest when you are tired. I also understand when you don't feel well doing something that lifts your spirits can lift your body. Thanks goodness for Family and creativity. Take care of your self.

  22. Maureen, Iknow your husband has told uo to rest when you are tired. I also understand when you don't feel well doing something that lifts your spirits can lift your body. Thanks goodness for Family and creativity. Take care of your self.

  23. So glad you're feeling better! Glad to see you were in the sewing room, having fun =D

  24. Such a sweet post here! Thanks for sharing with us! I agree completely with what you said about leaving it all behind and forgetting about your problems when you sew. I think that fuels some of my sewing as well. I find a place where I don't have to think about things. :)

  25. M, I'm glad you are feeling better. I've been hopelessly behind on blog reading, but hopefully things will be a little more manageable for me now. Love that bag. I've been wanting to do a braided handle for awhile and my first try came out poorly. You make it look good!

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