Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Noticing : :

I was really excited to read that so many of you are loving the tangerine and teal as much as me. My hubby even noticed the stack and commented that they were "nice." YES! Pillowcases here I come! Finally. I've been hoarding my Outfoxed with hopes to turn them into new cases for us, but since my stack from yesterday has a few in there, I think it's meant to be! I already have a lampshade that will match perfectly, too!

Yesterday, I made my first birthday crown orders of the New Year and I'm finally getting ready to re-list them in my shop. While I "worked," I took notice to a few things myself...

-- My little studio collections. I guess I have never shared all the different things I do collect here. There are quite a few indeed, but that deserves a separate post. These are my clothespins, spools, and some of my needles. They looked so nice yesterday sitting in the sunlight.

studio collections

-- How much I love my new Anke Wechmann calendar. I should probably open it to January, eh? It's just so pretty!

to my right

-- That I subconsciously match my surroundings. alot. And I'm not sure if I do this before I begin working and choose fabrics to match me? Or that I know what I'll be working on/with, so I dress accordingly? Either way, it definitely, accidentally, always happens.

subconsciously matching

And today, I plan to make some major progress on my Scraps Quilt. I haven't touched it since Friday night when it looked like this. I was trying to catch some pretty light coming through my favorite window, but I'm sad to say I missed it.

Scraps Quilt wip -- night light

My new plan is to make 9 large 20" x 20" (ish) blocks. I will be quilting as I go since they'll each be different and so very, super scrappy.

I'm hoping for a great sewing day! How about you?


  1. Love your fox. Can't wait to see your scrappy quilt. My scarps right now consist of reds and greens and blues. My grandson is into Thomas and my daughter got married last year and I made her dress, the bridesmaids dresses and my grandson's little tux which was white with celery green shirt and dark green and celery green tie, so most of my sewing was purple, celery green and Thomas colors and whatever colors I wandered off to to brighten things up which really don't match. I am hoping for a tangerine and gray and teal project. My youngest daughter loves green and teal and purple, so perhaps I can work some tangerine in there too. That sounds fun. Have a fun day sewing.

  2. Dear Maureen, your studio looks so inviting and I love that block! You have been busy these last days - or perhaps I have been because missed few lovely scrap posts!
    Have a great week! x Teje

  3. Everything is so pretty, especially that window! Wow!!

  4. I am about to start converting my junk room/office into a creative quilting/knitting/crocheting studio. I love seeing yours and talking about colors since I have not made that big decision yet. How many projects do you have started? I just realized that even if I stop right now I will probably never get the projects I have on my wish list done. And I'm not stopping! LOL

  5. I love your sewing room - can you come decorate mine?!? I love mine too - but yours has this wonderful, relaxed, vintage vibe that I am loving. I am going to probably head to the fabric store and pick up some Kona white today to finish up my current quilt that I am working on. I can't finish completely until I can order yardage for the backing and binding.

    P.S. I absolutely love your birthday crowns - they are adorable!

  6. Funny how your clothes match what it is you are working on! :)

  7. I enjoyed this peak into your space, Maureen.

  8. I know the pillow cases will be gorgeous! I love seeing the details in someone's crafting space. That is where the personality of the crafter comes through.

  9. What a fab idea with the crowns, and giggling just a little at matching your sewing area! Looking forward to seeing the scrappiness :o)

  10. That scraps quilt is really awesome, it marches to the beat of its own drum! Way to go!

  11. Love the photos of collections! The scrap block is pretty, with nice warm colors. I sure wish I had that gorgeous window!

  12. Great pictures! I'm so in love with that window, can I move in with you?! ;) Fabulous block too!

  13. oh, dang! Temptation got the best of me and I just bought that calendar you have photo'd! So SO cute--sorry to be a copycat, but yay for me!!;)

  14. Love the fabric! I'd probably make myself a cute tote bag or purse because I love fun, whimsical fabrics.

    As to your little quilt, it is very nice but to my eye lacks texture. Perhaps that would be a thought for you.

    Keep creating! Brenda


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