Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Making : :

I can honestly say I have never sewn so much in my life! I've decided to leave the small quarters of my sewing room for now and to occupy our dining room table for the remainder of Christmas making days. It's quite a mess, with piles everywhere -- the finished, the almost finished, and the not yet started!

Birthday Crowns -- stages

This is my new favorite style of the Birthday/Pretend Play Crowns -- simple and sweet!

Birthday Crown -- New Favorites

There seriously are felt flowers everywhere!!! And, thank goodness I have two little helpers that fight over getting to do the cutting with my GO! baby. They really are a huge help! I hope I won't get in trouble for reveling that. ; ) Trust me -- all the money I do make goes to them and more one way or another! :)

Felt Flowers

I really can't wait to cut into these a little more! They are a recent stashing from Skye Reve Fabrics, the Bonnie and Camille Ruby Sundae prints in all six colors. I love, LOVE this print!! I used a little on finishing off the Flower Pillow above and in the making of Haila's Little Apron. I can think of about a 100 other things I'd like to make with them, and I can hardly wait.

Favorites -- Bonnie and Camille Ruby Sundae prints from Skye Reve Fabrics

How about you, what are you working on these days?


  1. oooh- i see my crowns. So exciting. My friend also ordered one that i see in the picture. Our girls cant wait for birthday crowns!!

  2. looks great MAureen! You are working hard! Still decorating my house over here. THis is the first year that I am actually getting rid of christmas decoration instead of trying to accumulate them. Getting OLD :) feels good to pass it on though! Hoping to make some presents later today- patchwork potholders and stuff from the red scraps stash.

  3. my daughters birthday is on january 5th. she needs a birthday crown! we need to talk! ;)

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! Loving that Sundae fabric too! YUM!

  5. i thought of you the other day... i saw some felt crown-sort-of-things (pre made) at a craft store and my first thought was, "maureen's are so much cuter!" :)

  6. Your crowns are so cute! Maybe someday I'll have an excuse to buy one....

  7. I just love those crowns!!! SO cute!! And those fabrics are so yummy looking!

  8. I love your crowns. They are too cute. I have a massive amount of projects going at once. Please visit my blog(
    to see all of them. I did finish all of the pieces for my puppy scarf today. Now to sew them all together.

  9. I love the crowns and the flowers! I'm moving to my dining room table tomorrow. I'll be playing with glitter and don't want it all over the sewing room, lol!!

  10. I love the felt flowers! The crowns are so pretty :) That fabric is so gorgeous!

  11. I really like how you layered the flowers on the crowns! I've got some on my xmas list to finish and I'm going to do this!


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