Monday, December 19, 2011

Colorful Christmas News : :

This weekend there wasn't much time for sewing, except for the little bit of time I found late Saturday night to begin one last Christmas sewing project. I had stashed a few more holiday prints last week -- some Colorful Christmas, along with a some Hooty Hoot Jacks. All are Riley Blake, all from The Little Fabric Shop!

I hope to make up a few little bags for my son Jacob with most of these. He is a collector of all sorts of little things and I think he would especially like these Jacks fabrics!

Colorful Christmas Sewing

I'm still deciding what to do with my colorful Christmas dresden? I scrapped my original plan and now I am thinking a large floor pillow would be fun to have. I'll be sure to show what this becomes later in the week, or possibly tomorrow!

Colorful Christmas Dresden

These little hands will be here for just three weeks! I plan to squeeze and hold and tickle and love on this little girl as much as I can up until that very last moment!! Little hands, there's nothing better!

Little Hands

Did you see the Pink Chalk Studio Handmade with Love Holiday Tutorial contest? About a week ago I discovered it and decided to enter some of my tutorials from the year and guess what?!? I am SO excited that my Holiday Garland Pillow made the top 15!!!

Holiday Garland Pillow Tutorial

My pillow is in the Deck the Halls category. There are some super great tutorials in the final fifteen, so be sure to check them out! And now it's up to the readers to determine the winner in each category and the grand prize winner. Pretty please take a minute to go vote for your favorites in each of the three category. Voting ends this Wednesday!

Wishing a Happy Monday to all!!!


  1. Awww, little hands!

    I also love that garland pillow!

  2. Love your fabric creations, and I voted for your pillow. But the little hands photo just made my heart melt.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh what a sweet little hand!!!! Makes me miss my grandson!!!!! Love your fabric and creations.

  4. Wonderful fabrics and great for treasure bags. Will have to go over and check out the contest, congratulations for making it in the top 15.


  5. I voted for your pillow! And your new dresden is so happy, as is that tiny little hand!

  6. Love that pillow, it deserved it! :)

  7. As soon as I saw your pictures on flickr, I fell in love with the jacks fabric, so purchase has been made. And yay on your tutorial--awesome!

  8. I love the fabric! The jacks are gorgeous! The Dresden would be a great floor cushion. Of course I have voted for you :)

  9. i voted for your pillow and i love that dresden! such pretty fabrics.


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