Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hanging Around : :

Yesterday I really took notice to all the projects I have yet to finish or to share here. They are everywhere! Things are crazy-busy here at the moment, and I am trying my best to get caught up. We're headed to the beach for Thanksgiving in just a few days, and my to-do list is voluminous but I have high hopes!

This will become two 18" x 18" half Dresden pillows - today! It's not another garland!

dresden wip

Two of my children are requesting that I get back into my felted dollhouse making. They miss it, so do I.

Felted Winter Dollhouse

Totally cheating, I purchased this already felted tote bag when I ordered the felted wool balls for my Scrappy Garland. I am hoping to transform this very plain, blue wool bag into something spectacular. We'll see...

Felted Tote Bag

Here's a peek at those other aprons I mentioned yesterday, along with my own favorite apron (the tutorial for that is here.)

Aprons on the door

This IS another garland! Our living room has lots of red and since I've decided every room needs some sort of garland, something new and red felt necessary for Christmas decorating this year. I'll share more of this one soon!

wooly i-cord garland

Yesterday's crown orders, stacked up and waiting to be shipped. The request's coming in for these are getting funny. Bongo drums, dirt, and leaves -- I love it!

etsy crowns

More house pillows waiting to be photographed and listed. It looks like there's a giant turkey on the loose! :)

House Pillows

A studio friend hanging around. Which makes it official -- I am not to ever be left alone in my room. It just isn't possible!

studio friend

Today, I'm ready to get busy! Tomorrow, I'll be having a new fabric bundle giveaway, here's a little peek!

Wishing you all a most beautiful and productive day!


  1. You are definately an inspiration! Love the felted houses, and those pillows are adorable!!


  2. Do you ever sleep?

  3. My goodness you are busy! I managed to get 3 loads of laundry done, change my sheets, and hang up a pair of curtains today and I feel like I accomplished a lot. Eventually I'll get sewing. :)

  4. I've just gotta get all my Christmas cards finihed....but, you are my inspiration for future projects.

  5. What a fun whirlwind tour. It's good to see that busy folks keep their hands in lots of pots at once. Provides perspective, I'm sure! That apron shot is so pretty.

  6. Oh wow...I can already tell those dresden pillows are going to be awesome - great fabrics! Seems like we all have a bit on our plates - lots of creativity going on!

  7. oh i love lady bugs. they give good luck you know.

  8. Love the hose pillows.You`ve been very busy and done great job!

  9. Lots of productivity around your parts! I like the bongo request for a crown. Sounds fun!

  10. I'm envious that you can have so many projects going on at once. I can only do one at a time!

  11. You have been very productive. Very cute house pillows.

  12. So glad I found your bog. I love to create and I know I will enjoy following your blog.I am new to blogging but hopefully will get better.

  13. felted doll houses and doll house cushions-too cool!!!! you are one busy lady, but it make for lovely blog watching for us x

  14. Your projects are so amazing! And I love the felted house!

  15. Oh my...I thought I had a lot of projects on the go!!

    You have a much better track record of finishing yours though!! :-D

  16. My Dear M,

    now just stop this you are making the rest of us look bad (He! He!)

    Everything is so bright and cheery, your house must be just popping with colour :)

    Have a relaxed time at the beach and a wonderful Thanksgiving :) T.

  17. OMG!!!!
    all is soooooooooo wonderful!!!!'s joyfull to see all these things around the house, they are looks so happy!!!!


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