Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thinking and Planning : :

Thinking -- How grateful I am for each of the orders that are keeping me so busy!


Thinking -- How much I have been missing making my owl dolls. It certainly has been a while!

Missing my owl dolls

Planning -- To turn this basket of little owly legs into new felted owl dolls for my shop very soon!

Owl legs

Thinking -- That Halloween sure is coming fast this year!

Ghost Cracknell Family

Planning -- A way to repair our favorite Halloween tablecloth after discovering that a certain something? that lives in our garage must have decided to eat it?

My Halloween Tablecloth?

Thinking -- How with all the sewing and knitting and felting I have done in these last two years on this blog, that this is my most popular post. With this photo being by far the most popular pin. Last time I looked it had 161 likes, 1813 repins, wow! Now, how funny is that for all the things I make, that celery is the favorite!

Is everyone on Pinterest? If not, you really must join!

veggie stamping

Thinking -- Of our last Unplugged Day and how glorious it was! And, how we might continue these favorite days of adventure and exploring, indoors once the cold and snow have us inside for another long season?

Our favorite place
Our favorite place

Planning -- To share more of this day tomorrow.

Wishing a wonderful Wednesday to all!


  1. it sounds you are sooo busy making wonderful things and this is great!!!
    I love also the pics of the lake...awesome!!!
    Today is my birthday and I'm having a giveaway on my blog...if you are interested, you are more than welcome to partecipate!!!

  2. I LOVE those owls!! And am worried about what has been eating things in your garage?!

  3. It's always good to be busy but fun to unplug once in a while! Those pesky critters just can't leave things alone!

  4. so glad you inspired me to sign up for pinterest. i'm loving it. it's such a positive way to spend some time, with so much inspiration to be found. thank you!

  5. That fox pillow is just about the cutest thing!! Beautiful fall photos. :)

  6. Funny that celery is your most popular, but I can see why! It's such a great craft project!

  7. Love your fall photos, beautiful shots.
    I am thinking a lot too, now if I can get that into action;)


  8. I could use an unplugged day...gorgeous pic!

    I love that celery craft...we did it last year in the preschool...a HUGE hit!!

  9. That celery is very cool! And I love your owls, and the ghosts in the window are awesome!

  10. I love the fox on the pillow. I have a thing for foxes lately.


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