Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bo Peep Skirt : :

I hope a wonderful, long weekend was had by all! It was a busy one for us -- full of thoughts of my brother and others who serve and have served, with many ups and downs, lots of gardening for this (sun-burned) Mama, and a nasty virus sweeping through my poor kiddos. Because of the sleepless nights and daytime tending to that comes with sick children, I am feeling a bit under the weather myself right now. I am however still very excited to show you all --

My first sewn garment! Finally!!!
Bo Peep Skirt
Garment sewing, especially the oh-so-cute-little-girl-kind, has been on my to-do list since I began to sew. I have purchased many cuts of fabrics and sewing books with this is mind, but it just never made it to the top of my list. Well, until last week...

I have for you the Bo Peep Skirt from Seams to Me!
Bo Peep Skirt
The pattern was a great first choice and came together pretty quickly. My favorite part is this fun ruffle detail along each side of the skirt. Isn't it sweet!?
Bo Peep Skirt -- ruffle
I am so happy I took an afternoon to give it a go. It was wonderful, exciting, and so fulfilling to be able to cross this off my list. The bonus -- Haila LOVES her new skirt!  

Hooray for that!!!
Bo Peep Skirt -- she loves it!
I already began dreaming up several variations for this skirt design that you're likely to see here very soon. This one is going to be my first entry in Skirt Week 2011 with Crafter Hours! Wish me luck!!!


  1. Lovin' it, Mo!!! And, I can see that Haila is lovin' it too! Hmmmm, may have to put in a special order for the granddaughters soon. Have a blessed day!

  2. I love this skirt! It's so colorful and fun :) And the fact that Haila loves it, that's just the best :)

  3. Great job!! I have a new appreciation for what goes into a garment now after my first attempt—it DOES feel so great to have crossed it off the list though and I bet it feels just as good to see her wearing it and loving it :) Can't wait to see what else you come up with for your skirts!

  4. those are so cute. I have to get one for my daughter

  5. Absolutely so cute - the skirt and the girlie!

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  7. Sooo cute and lovely! I like that ruffle white T too :)



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