Monday, March 7, 2011

Studio Update : :

Late last week I had mentioned how messy my studio was becoming and added a few pictures of the clutter here. I ended up spending a good part of that day making some changes -- I took some new photos yesterday, and thought today that I should share.

So, once again, come on in...


That door straight ahead really needs some curtains, doesn't it? I decided to make my main shelf here just for my fabrics.

fabric shelf

I made a little space dedicated to just the new fabrics... they deserve their own spot, don't they?

new fabrics

Where I use to have my home decs wasn't working, so I added them to the fabric shelf as well and turned that drying rack into a make-shift shelf for my buttons, sewing and knitting books, and the hoops that my boys had made last year.

drying rack.books.buttons

Here is what it all looks like from my sewing desk... Much nicer than this, I think.

from my desk

Across the room, I rehung the project piping clothes line and made room for my bottled rainbows atop my yarn shelf.

behind the machine

You can see all the photos I took of my room here, these are a few of my favorites...


jacob's hoop

crate shelf



During all of the picture taking I could hear someone little rustling under my desk, trying not to giggle, waiting for just the right moment to frighten his mama...

behind the pictures

He thinks he's scary? c'mon

8 yr old teeth -- LOVE

Yes, there is always something happening in this room of mine -- lots of messes will continue to be made and that makes me very happy!


  1. Your room is such loveliness! What a wonderful place to be - especially with your children hiding amongst it all =)

  2. Looks amazing Moe!! I can't wait to see it in person.

  3. What a great room to make creations in!! Here is my workspace if you would like to check it out!!

  4. What a wonderful workspace. I can totally see being inspired in there.

  5. Ok, now I'm inspired! I was just telling my husband that I'd like to rearrange my sewing studio. And I've decided that when I'm craving sweets I should organize fabric, it's almost as fun as eating chocolate! Good job and wonderful pictures ;-)

  6. Oh my goodness - how wonderful!!

    Such a lovely workspace - have you posted on the Etsy Flickr pool?

    Oh - yes you have : ) I just saw it - beautiful!

  7. Looks great! I'm in love with your dress form...gorgeous!!! Wherever did you get her? I like mine, you can see it on my blog at the moment but yours is WAY better...too cool!!

  8. I just loooooove your studio!!!
    you can see that yu spend so much happy time there!!!

  9. so pretty - perfect happy place to create beautiful art!

  10. I love your room and your embroidery is adorable....I love the one with the banner pennant the most!

  11. Maureen, your space looks beautiful, organized and inspiring! I'm afraid to show anyone my messy space at the moment!

  12. always enjoy a tour of your studio (i will share a tour of mine some day)

  13. I want to hide out in your studio - it looks so warm and friendly. Love you use of the drying rack.

  14. You are so organized!! And, you have a fabulous studio! :) I'm a new follower from EBT.

  15. Wow! I love your studio, so colorful!

  16. Looks like a wonderful and inspiring space!

  17. It's great!
    I love seeing other people's workspace.
    And their fabric stash!

  18. Actually I think the previous one wasn't as bad as it seems XD Just that the new one is cleaner and more organized, hehe...

    I personally love how you organized your colorful threads :D :D The visual itself is already inspiring indeed!

  19. Oh my, this is beautiful! I absolutely love it! I need to finish up my crafty space so that I can blog about it too!! :)

  20. Please please come over and help me sort out my sewing room :) I have tea and cookies :)

  21. I love your blog. I have a lot of the same books in my craftbook library. I am organizing my studio space and yours is so inspiring. I hopped over here from Heather's space.


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