Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bottling Rainbows : :

I decided this morning that I am going to join in on the Bottled Rainbows Quilt-Along. This project will give me a chance to learn more about quilting, and to use up and go through the insane amount of fabric scraps I have -- Love that!

rainbow of jars

I decided to go literal with the "Bottled" rainbow idea of this quilt-along and turn the first step, the organizing of the scraps, into a fun game that little Miss Haila and I could do together.

mustard jar.lime jar

Putting some of my collection of vintage Ball jars to use, I tied on scrap pieces of yarn in the coordinating colors of this quilt color scheme. I picked out the scrap, pressed it if needed, squared it up, and Haila found just the right jar for each piece.

raspberry jar

Some of the busy, colorful prints were a little tricky...even for me. It ended up being a great lesson for both of us! She learned more about colors, matching, and organizing -- I learned that almost all of my fabric scraps are from Good Folks, what colors I tend to favor, and that I really do not need to keep every little scrap!

ocean jar

The jars are slowly filling up...

filling up

And, WE think this is going to be fun!


  1. Oh I love this idea! And they'll look so cute on a shelf :)
    love how your blog is looking btw!

  2. Oh so pretty! I love organizing things by color! ;)

  3. Love this idea! Awesome jars and the changes to your blog look great.

  4. Oh my goodness - your jars are to die for! This project has emptied my jars but you seem to be filling them instead. Hm... Maybe I should try that!

  5. Looks like fun and something Julia would like to do. So now you are venturing in to quilting amaze me.

  6. Oh! beautiful fabric in sweet little jars! :) I may have to give this a try... I don't think I have that many scraps though! I tend to sew mostly from scraps.

  7. My daughter would go crazy over this project! Great idea.

  8. I am sure this will be fun exercise with kids, thanks!
    Check out my recent post @

  9. great idea - i must do this ;0)

  10. Awwww I love this idea, this woould be great for all my scraps. Ohh my i have to do this one as soon as I can get some jars.

  11. I've really been enjoying catching up on this project of yours (I'm new to your blog, btw). I had to comment though because you said that you don't need to keep every little scrap because most of them are just unusable. Au contraire! Take those little "useless" scraps, put a bunch on your cutting mat and run your rotary cutter over it until it's just a pile of fluff, then stuff it in your next little "stuffie" project! I throw all of my small fabric and thread scraps in a bucket and dice some up whenever I need some stuffing.

    I'm loving your blog so far and am going to be making at least one of your aprons for the Haiti project.

    Take care and sew on! :)


  12. Oh My Goodness!!! I just stuff them all in a plastic bag to save for later then dig when I need something. Right now my sewing room is also my bedroom and closet so not very functional. I have been serious now for two and a half years so time for a sewing room. Jars are great idea, but I use those for canning. Will probably just get some small plastic containers. I use larger ones for fabric storage, various sizes shoe box to huge.


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