Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wool.Felt.Crowns : :

After I saw how much my son Jacob enjoyed his birthday crown, I decided that every child should really have one of their own. He wears his...ALOT! I've actually made several since Jacob's, for birthday gifts and custom orders. Well, now that I have all of this beautiful wool felt to work with, I just had to make a few more. These will be available for purchase in my etsy shop. All perfect for Eco-friendly holiday gift giving -- pretend play, dress-up, and celebrations!
I really should show you all the photos I took of Jacob, they were hilarious, but I chose this one purely because of how rare it is to capture this silly boy with a serious face...he is always such a comedian!
King/Prince Crown -- Light green wool felt, with an iron-on applique detail -- available here.

Queen/Princess Crown -- A golden yellow wool felt, with felt flowers and wool felted balls -- available here.
A friend's daughter was happy to pose for me to snap this photo.

I've been sewing like crazy and will have lots and lots to share throughout the upcoming weeks -- stay tuned!
~ Maureen


  1. Thank you -- they were a lot of fun to make! I hope to have a tutorial of my version available here soon.

  2. sooooper cute! I'm sure LOTS of little ones will want them. Who doesn't love a crown? ~Amber

  3. these are so cute! my niece would have loved one of these when she was in her princess stage a couple of years ago! :)

  4. These are great - my kids runn around with paper taped to their heads....and not nec. looking very crown like either! LOL These look WAY better.

    Happy Thanksgiving Maureen!!!

  5. These are so cute! I love the fox pillows too :)

  6. So wonderful! Everyone can be a king or queen with these fun crowns!


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