Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beauty.In.Knitting : :

If you visit me here often, you know I love to knit! I knit almost everyday and I knit with a passion. There is something about picking up those two sticks and casting on that has comforted me since that very first stitch. That repetitive motion, that soothing click...for me it's both therapeutic and meditative. It clears my head, reminds me to breath, allows me to relax. Yes, I LOVE this knitting and I appreciate how it has changed me and my life. Something powerful happened when I started knitting and it became a bit of a serious thing for me. I've decided, for me, that's all because of the thinking that's involved -- whether I'm knitting a sweater for my child or knitting a toy for another, all the while I am working, with every stitch comes a new thought or vision of complete love of my child wearing it or the child who will be playing with it...JOY. It's been such a wonderful gift in my life and has made me feel such an appreciation and connection to other knitters and others knitted goods.

So, last week when I spotted this lovely, little, sweater dress (made by a fellow local knitter, Peggy) I completely fell in love and had to have it for my beauty -- Haila! And Hooray, last night I was the lucky one to bring it home from the Library Auction...

Miss Haila loves it too!
Wishing you beauty and joy today in that which comforts you!  
~ Maureen


  1. What a beautiful little girl. She looks so cute in it.

  2. Great dress and she looks adorable in it. :-)

  3. That knitted dress is so beautiful and so is your little girl!


  4. you certainly inspire me to brush up on my own knitting. i feel that passionately as well about making things with my own two hands whether it is a knitted scarf, a sewn purse, or good food! thanks for sharing :)

    also, i have to say you have certainly got a flair for those felt cute!!

  5. That is the prettiest little dress and she looks quite happy to have it!!!

  6. So pretty! She looks like she loves it! I would love to learn to knit, I tried to teach myself but could never get the tension(??) right. My scarf came out looking like a flag :( I think I should give it another try :)

  7. just gorgeous! wish i could knit -i knitted a jumper when I was about 14 and not much since haha i do crochet though

  8. Beautiful model!

    I rec'd the knitting destash giveaway! WOW!!!!! I can not thank you enough! I plan to take some of that yarn with me and knit while I am at my 2 day craft show this week. That was a huge amount of items!!



  9. Haila looks so precious in the dress! I'm so glad you won it at the auction, Maureen! Thanks for your pillows (they were awesome!)and for coming to the auction and helping support the library! We love seeing your family at the library!

  10. Sooooo Cute - I love stuff like this. I can only knit straight ( like a scarf) I never learned to do anythinhg else! : (

  11. I totally agree with you, knitting is both relaxing and powerful. I always knit when I am stressed :)


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