Monday, September 20, 2010

Owl Picture Day : :

Doesn't this remind you of school pictures? It must be the background. I didn't do this on purpose, although it seems so fitting now that some of our little ones are back in school and this day for them is quickly approaching. The truth is my other pictures of these little owls just didn't turn out and these are all that I have since they've already flown the coop. Now that I see that connection, I'm finding these pictures so silly!

Well anywhoo, this is "Blue Screech" owl --- name given by 10 year old Hannah, whom received him as a birthday gift. : )   : :
And, this owl is for my etsy shop : :
I have decided to stick with this design for a while. I think it's my favorite so far...
What do you think?
 I enjoyed using some of my new fabrics...
Designer fabrics from Sew Fresh Fabrics.
And, I just LOVE adding little details like this...
I have never shared this before, but this is how I sign each doll. It's not as clean looking as a tag, which I am considering, but to me it just makes my handmade items look a little more handmade.
How do you put "your stamp" on your handmade items?


  1. I love the way his little legs dangle in the first picture. So innocent and cute.

  2. Very cute!!! I like that your initials are stitched in your dolls so they can't be removed. I make jewelery and haven't found a way to put my stamp on my pieces yet.

  3. Hi Maureen, these owls are waaaay too cute - you're so clever - I love them!! :D

    Will you be adding some of your cute makes to my 'Groovy Makes' Blog? - I think these owl pics will be great!!

    Please visit here for more information:

    Have a great day!!

    Jane xx

  4. These owls are gorgeous, Maureen! I like how you sign each one. Labels can come off eventually but your initials will always be there.

  5. These latest owls are gorgeous, Maureen! I like how you sign them. Labels can eventually come off but your initials will always be there.

  6. Beautiful owls and it's a great idea to stitch your initials! I can't sign my work :(

  7. Oh How adorable, I love Owls :)

    I guess being an Artist I sign my pieces but I have always wanted to do something like Terence Cuneo did in his railway pics painting a little mouse that people had to search for.

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)

  8. I love your owls...and the pretty teal kitty on the cute!

  9. i really like the new look of the owls and love that little signature personal and sweet!

    p.s. i just saw this...they're reprinting! i couldn't think of anyone else that would be as excited as me, lol.

  10. Oh My, I LOVE your work. I was just looking over at and found you. Absolutly fantastic!! I was kind of grumpy this morning until I saw all the cute creations!
    I work at a t-shirt print shop, I had my signature printed on some fabric that I cut w/ pinking shears and No Fray the edges. They fit OK on most of my softies, but will get them to make me some smaller ones this winter when we slow down.

  11. They look like such cozy companions. :)

    I sign those items I make for my second Etsy shop (From My Atelier, with my first initial, embroidered on the back as well. I like the fact that it's in my handwriting-- it seems more personal that way.

  12. Oh! I never have any stamp whatever on my handmade items! I should think about it by now!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and gave comment ;)


  13. So cute!! If I had a little kid to give one to I would totally buy one! I love the little details and I love that you stitch in your initials instead of a tag :)

  14. Fabulous owl! I'd love to include it in my Owl Etsy Treasury on this coming Sunday 26th September. Is it ok for me to link your owl on my blog post and treasury on Sunday?

  15. Is it wierd that the first one looks like a boy to me and the second looks like a girl ??? LOL I haven't come up with a good marker yet but have something in mind - we'll see.


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