Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waldorf. Inspired. Doll : :

I didn't set out to make a Waldorf doll --- I was inspired by the Swaddled Baby Love project in Handmade Beginnings and a handmade doll project, I remembered seeing a few years ago either in Martha Stewart Kids Magazine or at her .com. After I finished her up, I saw for the first time the resemblance the doll had to the Waldorf one's I have seen around the web. So, I did a little research, since I was not very familiar with Waldorf educating and I learned that what I made Haila was indeed, a Waldorf doll.All the materials I used fit in with Waldorf doll requirements --- cotton knit fabric for the body, wool stuffing, and I used cotton threads for the facial and hair details. Her appearance is simple, which is said to be important to improve and strengthen imagination and creativity.
I read that you are supposed to hand the doll over to the child and first ask them to name him/her. Haila named her Ella (naturally) and immediately loved her, it was very sweet. I made three diapers and a swaddling blanket to encourage lots of pretend play.
(I'm seeing now how badly Miss Haila needs a manicure. : )
I just finished up this new owl doll, so I thought I'd share. A custom order for a little girl named Karington. - I love that name!
So many sweet little gifts are in the works these days. Wishing you all a wonderful one ~ Maureen


  1. LOVE the doll, you are amazing :) not only make her a beautiful doll but cloth diapers and a blanket to boot :) and karington what a cute name! (and cute owl of course)

  2. Very sweet doll! My daughter made one for my granddaughter that's about the size of a 2 year old -- what an endeavor, but she came out really cute. (Her name is Butterfly Noli!)

    Waldorf is wonderful and the schools are especially. We'd love to send Noli to one, but they are super expensive.

    By the way, your portrait of Jewel is terrific!

  3. I love your doll - so sweet! And of course another cute owl! : )

  4. What an adorable little doll! It looks like Haila already loves her. How special that you have made her little friend!

    The owl is adorable too. That is a very pretty name!


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