Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Break : :

The kids had spring break this past weekend, which ended up being four dark, rainy days that didn't allow for much outside exploring and springtime adventuring (or blogging). We had a little taste early in the week, but their spring break just didn't cooperate with the plans we hoped to have. So, instead we did some of this : :
Checker's for us Cracknell's isn't so much about getting four in a row (that is the point, right?), than it is about making a pretty pattern : :
I started working on this new hoop (and I'm always ~knitting~), in anticipation of a bundle of new Anna Maria Horner : :
But mostly, we kept busy doing fun indoor things, like this : :
And, before we new it, spring break zoomed by : :


  1. Cozied up playing games and drinking hot chocolate, sounds wonderful. :)

  2. As much as we love sunny days, theses days are pretty nice, too.


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